Firefox 82.0.1 released

Mozilla[German]Mozilla's developers have released version 82.0.1 of the Firefox browser on October 27, 2020. This is a maintenance update to fix bugs. Here is some information about this update.


Firefox 82.0.1

In the comments blog reader Gerold pointed out that version 82.0.1 has been released (thanks). In the release notes it says about version 81.0.2 that this version fixes the following bug:

  • Avoid an unnecessary prompt to reboot when using the full installer on Windows (bug 1671715)
  • Restored the ability to print on paper whose width or height is larger than 100 inches, e.g. for receipts (bug 1672370)
  • Fixed printing of documents with margins of zero, e.g. some PDFs (bug 1672529)
  • Fixed handling of the WebDriver:ClickElement command in the marionette testing framework (bug 1666755)
  • Stability fix (bug 1660539)

Firefox 82.0.1: Download Installer

Firefox 82 crashes due to antivirus software

Colleague Bodgan Popa reports in this article about crashes of Firefox 82, caused by antivirus software installed on Windows.  A bug report on Bugzilla says:

I've been on 81.0.1 build, I updated to Firefox 82 today and Firefox won't start anymore, I did an install refresh, did a reinstall, doesn't seems to work, I had an older version of Firefox developer edition installed which was working, today I updated it to 83 and it also won't start, I tried Firefox ESR 78.4.0esr which is working fine. suspect it has to do something with 82 changes. I'm in a windows machine with 1909 build 64 bit and have Symantec endpoint installed, it's a work lap and I tried reproducing the same issue in colleagues laptop with similar spec and he is also facing the same issue. could be an AV issue or driver issue.

Whether the bug is fixed in Firefox 82.0.1, I don't know at the moment.

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