Edge, a Malware from Microsoft!

Edge[German]Don't use Microsoft Edge – and boycott people who use this browser. This is the message of developer Rafael Riviera, which just came to my attention on Twitter. Therefore, a small detour to this topic area.


The Edge browser, which Microsoft deploys to the people on all occasions and with Windows, is nothing more than malware that harvests users' personal data and otherwise keeps users and administrators busy. Here in the blog you can find numerous articles that trace the "accidents of Microsoft developers" in the matter of Edge. Here are a few "tastes":

You could continue the list – the Edge sucks and also transfers data to Microsoft – in the  German blog post Chrome 110 wird ausgerollt, synchronisiert Edge mal wieder automatisch?  I addressed reports from German users, that the disabled synchronization is suddenly activated by Edge update.

Edge is simply malware

I just came across the above tweet from developer Rafael Rivera, who among other things is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and developed EarTrumpet for Windows. I need no more to say …

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7 Responses to Edge, a Malware from Microsoft!

  1. Chris Pugson says:

    Microsoft is abusing its monopoly, pure and simple. The EU needs to investigate it.

  2. Fritz says:

    What a ridiculous listing.
    No one is forced to use Edge.
    Administrators love the Edge browser.

    • guenni says:

      Yess Fritz, but your theory has some flaws. In Windows 10/11 Edge is default browser – and Microsoft goes ballistic to trick users into forcing to use Edge. Why?

      BTW: Some admins told me, they are still able to uninstall Edge on Win LTSC – why they evaluate this?

      PS: And a lot of admins in closed German FB groups told me, they hate Edge and the MS way to force them to check their GPOs each time an update arrives. Fear, I'm living on another galaxy …

      but hey, for me as a tech blogger MS & Edge are gems – each day I have a new opportunity for a rant ;-)

  3. nunya says:

    Got some bad news for you, son. ALL browsers track you and have some form of data feed from your machine back to them. Edge isn't unique. So if you're going to badmouth Edge, then please do the same for Chrome (even worse that Edge) and Firefox.

    • guenni says:

      I guess, I have good news for your dad … if you use Ungoogled, most of your data tracking is gone ;-) BTW: And if you try to run your browser offline, no one in the nasty internet is able to track you. BTW: Naively I thought, dass Tor also prevents sites from tracking me …

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  5. JohnIL says:

    I think most users see Edge as not being much different than Chrome in terms of privacy anymore. Can't trust Microsoft any differently than Google. Never thought I would be more annoyed by Microsoft than Google but I am. I don't see any browser analytics that show Edge gaining a whole lot of Users. That in itself should be enough for Microsoft to change direction with Edge. It's obvious Chrome has a good formula so why hasn't some of these other browsers tried to copy some of that?

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