Microsoft limits OneDrive for Business to 1 TB after 03/01/2017

Office 365 subscribers who are still using more than 1 TB storage on OneDrive for Business are facing a problem. Microsoft limits at March 1, 2017 the storage capacity to 1 TB. Here’s what’s happens within the coming months to affected OneDrive for Business accounts.


Some background

Microsoft promised in October 2014 unlimited cloud storage (OneDrive for Business) for Microsoft Office 365 subscribers. Some users received this unlimited capacity, others are receiving 10 TB (see). But a year later, in autumn 2015, Microsoft withdraw from unlimited free storage plan for OneDrive for Business users.

Reducing OneDrive for Business storage limit to 1 TByte starts after March 1, 2017. This tweet from December 2016 addresses this.

If you are using more than 1 TB on OneDrive for Business, you are probably asking “what’s the consequence”?

Microsoft starts limiting OneDrive to 1 TB after March 1, 2017

At this article provides proposals, how to keep more than 1 TByte online storage. And Microsoft detailed in a statement for neowin, what will happens after March 1, 2017 with accounts exceeding the 1 TB limit.


  • Users exceeding the 1 TB limit are receiving e-mail notification since December 2016 advising to remove data from their OneDrive for Business account. 
  • Beginning from March 1, 2017 till June 1, 2017 users are able to shrink their OneDrive for Business storage below 1 TB downloading and deleting files. During this “over quota mode” it’s not possible to update additional files over the 1 TB limit.
  • After June 1, 2017 OneDrive accounts exceeding 1 TB storage limit are locked for at least 6 months. Users are no more able to access their data.
  • Users can unlock this account only once during this “locked period” for 30 days, using the opportunity to shrink the capacity below 1 TB. If the capacity still exceeds 1 TB after 30 days, the account will be locked again forever.
  • If a user fails to shrink it’s used OneDrive for Business capacity below 1 TB, will loose it’s data after the 6 month period. writes, that users exceeding the 1 TB limit will receive e-mail notifications after March 1, 2017, informing what to do and how long the grace period will be.


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