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I continous getting requests regarding "sponsored posts" or paid guest articles. I offer the possibility for companies and agencies to advertise via sponsorship or sponsored posts here on the blog. To make the communication efficient for both sides and to simplify the work, I have defined a few rules and put together the following information.


Conditions for sponsored posts

I do fund the blogs through advertising (Google, Amazon) and sponsored posts, but my goal is that paid articles should add value to the readership or at least fit the goals of the blog.

Not accepted are topics in the area of sex, gambling, sports betting (anything that violates morality or is legally problematic or illegal). I make the decision whether to publish a post on a case-by-case basis. In addition, there are certain regulatory requirements that must be complied with.

  • the post is clearly marked as "advertising/sponsored" or paid guest article and all links in the text to pages of the client are marked either with the NoFollow attribute or with the attribute rel="sponsored".
  • the blog post must fit the style and theme of the blog and must be relevant to my blog readers
  • payment via Paypal or via bank transfer – the blog post will then remain on the blog for at least one year.

Such a post will then remain on the blog for at least 3 months after publication. The 3 months are a breakpoint for me, if I give up the blogs in future. I do not delete sponsored posts in normal circumstances. The labeling of a sponsored post with advertising etc. is non-negotiable (for legal reasons). The nofollow attribute (or sponsored attribute) is mandatory for paid articles because of Google.

I kindly ask to stop requests of the kind "articles need to be published without mention a sponsorhip and with dofollow link". Please save both sides unnecessary clarifications. By the way, there are agencies that have approached me with "articles need to be marked as advertising and nofollow attribute" as mandatory conditions.

Please refrain from requests regarding link exchange or purchase for SEO optimization. I do not accept commercial link exchange offers.

Regarding the creation of the text: This shall be provided by the agency/customer. I will polish the text to fit the article style within the blog. The payment for a sponsored post or sponsorship depends on the effort (whether I need to polish the text after it is provided).

However, since many requests from SEO/media agencies still think that a blogger's work is worth nothing and want to throw a backlink at my feet as remuneration, here is a small table of what US bloggers charge for "sponsored posts".

Blog Advertising Rates(Source)

Since my Monthly Unique Visits are well above the last line of the table (I reach 89K up to 100K in the English blog, and 420K up to 500K a month in the German blog), the appropriate price for a sponsored blog posting can be calculated.

For orientation: Projects that I have realized in the past with agencies for clients were in the range 1,400 Euro minimum, plus  VAT. So count with 1,600 Euro and above – depends on the amount of labor, I need to invest to polish the text provided by an agency / customer. An example of such a sponsored blog post ist How to find weak passwords in Active Directory and eliminate them with PowerShell

Media data of the blog

Since its launch in 2009 (the blog started in 2007 under, the blog has enjoyed increasing visitor numbers. The IT blogs attract a demanding clientele of administrators and decision-makers (15,000 – 40,000 visits/day in the German IT blog, and 7,000 to 12,000 visits/day in the English-language IT blog – in March 2021 I had 873,000 unique/visitors to the German  IT blog and 103,000 unique/visitors to the English IT blog).

It's also worth mentioning that I was awarded as a Microsoft Most Professional from 2013 to 2021, and in March 2021 my IT blog was ranked among the top 100 German blogs for 2021 in the Relevance Index. On, the German IT blog has ranked among the top 10 positions for years. In addition, I was nominated in two categories for the European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards 2021 (Nominated for European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards 2021) – and I was awarded in both categories.

Furthermore, hardware and software can be reviewed on the blog by arrangement (if it makes sense). If you are interested in advertising or reviews, please contact me via the email address gborn [-at-] It would be nice to mention the topic and your ideas in the initial mail.

Status: June 2023

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