Windows 10 V190x: Pausing Update for more as 35 days?

[German]Exciting story: It seems possible to pause Updates in Windows 10 Version 1903 and 1909 for more than 35 days. This works for the Home version, but also for the Pro version. 

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Facebook’s privacy report isn’t accurate

[German]After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook offers the possibility to download data about oneself and also to check whether advertisers have uploaded data for a profile. But the data prepared by Facebook isn’t correct.

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Windows 10 says ‘No Internet’, but Internet is working

[German]Strange behavior: Windows 10 reports, that no Internet connection is available. However, users can surf the Internet with a web browser and viee web pages without any problems.

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WINDOWS 10 V1909: Pitfall in SCCM (1910) with OS images

[German]Administrators who are customizing Windows 10 operating system images and distribute them using SCCM should be careful. There is probably a pitfall can cause trouble, when integrating 2020 updates into an image.

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Tip: Citrix StoreFront and SSL Certificates

A little tip for people who work with Citrix StoreFront and want to secure the communication with the Delivery Controller via SSL certificates. Pay attention to the signature algorithm.

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Windows 10: Intel graphics driver

Intel has released a new HD graphics driver for the GPUs of various CPUs. It raises the version to and is available for Windows 10. You can download it here, a description of the changes can be found at softpedia.

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Security Update Chromium Edge 80.0.361.57 (Feb. 21, 2020)

Edge[German]Just a brief addenum from Friday night (Redmond time) – Microsoft has issued a Security Advisory) for the Microsoft Edge browser. It’s about a security update for this browser.

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The Slickwraps data leak and the Dirty Cow vulnerability

[German]US Retailer Slickwraps attracted attention because security researchers were able to access protected customer and financial data. The case once again reveals ignorance and unbelievable sloppiness, as a long patchable Dirty Cow vulnerability was exploitable.

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Cloud disruption at Microsoft 365? (Feb. 22, 2020)

[German]Currently there have been again a malfunction at Microsoft 365, which affected individual customers and enterprise users (Xbox etc.). I became aware of the issue via the status messages from Microsoft 365 on Twitter. This ranges from missing Xbox Live login to trouble with Windows 10 with Microsoft account, but is also supposed to affect corporate customers.

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App-V publishing fails due to UserConfig files

[German]Here’s an article about App-V and a problem that publishing App-V applications fails because a UserConfig file is used. Windows returns the error code 0x0FD0A725-0000000057 in the log file when the App-V packages are delivered.

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