SVCHOST.EXE process and command options explained

A brief reading tip for Windows experts. In the article Demystifying the “SVCHOST.EXE” Process and Its Command Line Options you can find explanations about the Windows process SVCHOST.EXE and its command line options -k, -s and p. Perhaps of interest.

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Wi-Fi issues: iOS 14.x constantly uses new Wi-Fi MAC addresses

[German]Users of Apple iPads and iPhones that have switched to the new iOS 14 may run into ossies with WLAN access. The devices is using constantly new Wi-Fi MAC addresses. This may causes trouble with routers when MAC filtering is applied. The reason is the new Private WLAN Adresses in iOS 14.x, that has been activated by default.

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Windows 10 offers old/inappropriate Intel driver updates (Sept. 2020)

[German]Strange thing that came to my attention on Twitter. Windows Update offers people optional drivers, but they don’t really fit for the machines in question. Microsoft rolls out apparently optional INTEL driver updates of the type INTEL – System – <Date> <Version>.

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Thunderbird 78.3.1 released

[German]The developers of the e-mail client Thunderbird released version 78.3.1 of the e-mail client on September 25, 2020. This is a maintenance update for the 78 main version of the e-mail client, which contains a fix for crashes. There is also a warning from the BSI for citizens for Thunderbird versions below 78.3 – but I don’t really think that this is a full-blown warning.

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Microsoft and the ‘obnoxious’ Edge Upgrade Experience …

Edge[German]For months, Microsoft has been updating Windows 10 users to the new Chromium-based Edge Browser. This not only causes collateral damages in some case. The ‘obnoxious’ Edge upgrade experience is annoying users. Just saw a new sarcasm alarm of a tortured user.

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Security patches for Cisco IOS and IOS XE (Sept. 2020)

[German]Cisco has released critical security updates for its IOS and IOS XE network operating systems. The updates close a total of 24 critical vulnerabilities in the products. It should therefore be patched promptly.

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Windows Server 2016: Microsoft confirms bug in Group Policy Editor

[German]Security update KB4577015, released September 8, 2020, causes a wsecedit.dll error in GPO-MMC on Windows Server 2016, rendering the Group Policy Editor unusable.  But there is a temporary workaround to prevent the crash and Microsoft has admitted the bug in the meantime.

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Windows XP Source Code leaked

[German]The source code for Windows XP SP1 and other versions of the Microsoft operating system was leaked a few hours ago as a torrent. The source code should be a treasure trove for people looking for vulnerabilities in Windows.

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Linux: Many Lenovo Thinkpads available soon with Ubuntu

[German]Lenovo will increasingly rely on Linux in the future. While various workstation systems with Linux pre-installed were already available in the past, Lenovo is now expanding the program. In the future 20 Thinkpad and ThinkStation models will available with a preinstalled Ubuntu LTS Linux.

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Windows 7-10: WSUS must support https soon

Windows Update[German]Today a note to the administrators among my blog readers who use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to manage client updates. Microsoft demands that clients will soon have to communicate with WSUS via https – the September 2020 updates have laid the foundation for this. 

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