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New Windows Kernel Data Protection (KDP)

[German]Microsoft  is currently testing a new Kernel Data Protection Technology (KDP) with Windows 10 insiders. According to Microsoft, this is intended to prevent malware or attackers from modifying (damaging) the memory of the operating system. Advertising

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Linux malware detection with Microsoft’s project Freta

[German]Microsoft Research has now announced the Freta project. It is a cloud-based malware detection service to detect rootkits, cryptominers and previously undiscovered malware strains lurking in Linux cloud VM images. Advertising

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‘Firefox Send’ offline after abused by Malware

[German]Mozilla’s developers have implemented the Firefox Send service for encrypted file transfer in a browser. After the service was abused for spreading malware via short links, the service is taken temporarily offline. Advertising

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Data leak at Xiaoxintong: 200 million data affected

[German]Security researchers from CyberNews have discovered a data leak at Chinese provider Xiaoxintong. There, information about 200 million elderly people in China was open to everyone. More than 200 million people are affected with their personal and business data. Advertising

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Check Point patches Vulnerability in ZoneAlarm

[German]There is a Privilege Escalation vulnerability in the ZoneAlarm software (firewall). Check Point has provided a patch to patch this vulnerability. Advertising

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Exploit known, F5 BIG-IP appliances urgently need patching

[German]There are serious vulnerabilities in the BIG-IP appliances for which the manufacturer has released an update. An exploit is now seen in the wild actively exploiting systems so administrators responsible for the F5 BIG-IP appliances should patch them urgently. Advertising

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Fraunhofer test: Huge security flaws in common home routers

[German]Security researchers at German Fraunhofer Institute looked at 127 common routers for home use. The had the latest firmware installed, but the researchers  came to some frightening results. Almost all devices had alarming security flaws. Advertising

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Google records every search and YouTube playback

[German]Brief information from the world of Google. The search engine giant records every search query and every video played for most users. However, the data is deleted after a certain time. In addition, you can view the data of your … Continue reading

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Addenum to the out-of-band Windows Codecs Library security patch via store

[German]On June 30, 2020, Microsoft had rolled out emergency updates for vulnerabilities CVE-2020-1425 and CVE-2020-1457 in the Windows Codecs Library. Today I post an addendum, as there are still numerous inconsistencies in this process. Addendum: And we have install issues. … Continue reading

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Vulnerabilities found in three major crypto wallets

Security researchers at Tel Aviv-based ZenGo have found a vulnerability affecting at least three major crypto-wallets – Ledger Live, Edge and Breadwallet (Germany) – and possibly more. This could lead to the withdrawal of crypto assets. Details can be read … Continue reading

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