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Still no April 2019 Preview Updates for Windows

Just a brief note, because I received mails from blog readers. It seems, that Microsoft doesn’t provide preview updates (Rollups) for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and also no preview cumulative updates for Windows 10. There have been no patches … Continue reading

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Windows issues with April Updates and AV-Programs–root cause known

[German]A little addendum to the April patchday issues in Windows, which were caused by third party antivirus scanners. In the meantime, the root cause for this behavior is known.

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Greetings from the past: PC can now only boot into UEFI

Like a little ‘Schadenfreude’? I just came across a tweet from an ex-employee who was responsible for Windows 8. The guy bricks his Windows devices in series so that they can only boot into the UEFI.

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Windows Update Error 0x80246001

[German]Occasionally, Windows users are facing an update error 0x80246001 and the update install process aborts. This can occur on Windows 7 to Windows 10, but also on Microsoft Office. Here is some information about this error.

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Windows Live-Tile takeover from security researcher

[German]Windows 10 Windows 10 (but also Windows 8.x) use Live tiles in Apps to display content in the Start menu. German security researcher Hanno Böck was able to takeover the subdomain for the corresponding service and was able to display … Continue reading

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Windows patchday issues–one week later (April 17, 2019)

[German]One week after Microsoft released Windows security updates causing install issues, the situation for victims are not clear. Here’s an overview, what we know so far. Addendum: Avira has updated its knowledge base article, I’ve added that information.

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Windows vulnerability CVE-2019-0859 is exploited

[German]In April 2019, Microsoft closed the CVE-2019-0859 vulnerability in Windows with a security update. Kaspersky security researchers have observed multiple attacks attempting to exploit this vulnerability in Windows 7 to 10.

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Is Microsoft’s Outlook.com hack worse than admitted?

[German]The access of unauthorized third parties to Microsoft’s email services such as outlook.com or hotmail.com was deeper than Microsoft first admitted. More details are slowly coming to light.

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AVAST and Avira confirms April 2019 Update issues

[German]The manufacturers of antivirus products, AVAST and Avira have officially confirmed that their products will cause issues with Windows after installing April 2019 Windows updates.

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April 2019 updates freezes Windows 7, 8.1, 10 & Server

[German]Microsofts updates for Windows, released on April 9, 2019, are causing issues in Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, if third party antivirus software from Sophos, AVAST and Avira is installed.

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