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Surface Books and the swollen battery problem

[German]Another article about an unpleasant topic: Defective Microsoft Surface Books due to inflating batteries. More and more users of the Surface Books of the first generation have been hit by this issue. Advertising

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Flaw in Active Directory password lenght policy with 15 chars

[German]There is one annoying flaw in the Group Policy for Active Directory. This prevents an administrator from setting a password policy that requires passwords of at least 15 characters. If an administrator tries to force the password length to 15 … Continue reading

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FAQ: Responding to an Emotet infection

[German]The ransomware/trojan Emotet threatens virtually every computer user. For companies, an Emotet infection can mean the end of business. Therefore, something like an emergency plan should exist to respond to an emotet infection (or a suspicion) in case of an … Continue reading

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OceanLotus: Hackers tried to infiltrate the network of German car manufacturer BMW

[German]A Hackergroup, called OceanLotus, has tried to infiltrate the computer network of the German car manufacturer BMW at the beginning of the year 2019. However, the action attracted attention of BMW security experts, who observed the intrusion. The infected computer … Continue reading

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Unpatched Android vulnerability StrandHogg exploited

[German]Bad news for Android users who installs a lot of apps on their devices. There is an unpatched Android vulnerability called StrandHogg. This vulnerability is already being exploited by malicious apps. Advertising

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Google Chrome vulnerability CVE-2019-13667 in iOS-App

Security researchers have found a CVE-2019-13667 vulnerability in the Google Chrome iOS app prior to version 77.0.3865.75 that allows remote attack. Advertising

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Vulnerability CVE-2019-19377 in Linux Kernel 5.0.21

The Linux kernel 5.0.21 contains a use after free vulnerability CVE-2019-19377. The vulnerability documented on 29.11.2019 with a CVE number is currently awaiting analysis. Advertising

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Microsoft Defender ATP Credential-Theft bypassing?

[German]Just a short security note. Security researchers have found an approach to trick and evade/circumvent the protection or detection of attacks on the theft of credentials. Advertising

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Ransomware Ryuk: Prosegur, TECNOL, t-system (USA) …

[German]Who’s next? Last week the security company Prosegur was a victim, of Ryuk. Now the Ransomware Ryuk has hit the Spanish company TECNOL and is currently paralyzing t-systems and a clinics in Texas. Advertising

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Vulnerabilities in Rich Communication Service (RCS)

[German]Security researchers from Berlin found vulnerabilities in the SMS successor Rich Communication Service (RCS). The good news is, that this mobile protocol service is not widely used yet. What is bad is that all messages, video and voice sent via … Continue reading

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