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Firefox 67.0.3 and Firefox ESR 60.7.1

[German]A few days ago the Mozilla developers had released the update to version 67.0.2 for the browser. On 18 June 2019, a security update to Firefox version 67.0.3 has been released. It’s recommended to update as soon as possible.

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Microsoft warns of worm attacks on Exim server on Azure

[German]The company warns customers about worm attacks on Exim servers hosted on Microsoft Azure. This is due to vulnerabilities recently discovered in Exim servers.

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CVE vulnerabilities–CISA overview June 10, 2019

Brief information for administrators and users who need an overview of known vulnerabilities in software. The US CISA (part of Homeland Security) publishes a weekly compilation.

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Bitdefender released an updated GandCrab decryptor

[German]Antivirus vendor Bitdefender has released an updated version of its decryption tool for the malware GandGrab. Helps to get encrypted data back if necessary.

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Windows 8–10: Update blocks Bluetooth pairing

[German]With the June 2019 security updates for Windows 8 to Windows 10, Microsoft is also patching the Bluetooth features. Some users recognizes that their Bluetooth devices can no longer pair after installing an update. This is by design and not … Continue reading

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Clouditor released as Open Source on GitHub

[German]Clouditor is a tool to support continuous cloud assurance. Developed by Fraunhofer AISEC, the Clouditor to review certifications for cloud services is now available as open source on GitHub.

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Google Chrome 75.0.3770.90 (Security update)

Google has released a security update for the Google Chrome browser which upgrades it to version 75.0.3770.90. A critical vulnerability is closed. 

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BadCert: Symcrypt vulnerability puts Windows Server at risk

[German]Google security expert Tavis Ormandy of Google’s Project Zero security initiative disclosed an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft’s Symcrypt operating system’s main cryptographic library. The vulnerability can cause a Denial of Service (DoS) condition in Windows 8 servers and higher.

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Patchday Microsoft Office Updates (June 11, 2019)

[German]As of June 11, 2019 (second Tuesday of the month, patchday at Microsoft), Microsoft has released several security updates for supported Microsoft Office versions and other products.

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Patchday Windows 10 Updates (June 11, 2019)

[German]On June 11, 2019 (second Tuesday of the month, Patchday at Microsoft), several cumulative updates were released for the supported Windows 10 builds. Here are some details about each update.

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