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Security researchers infiltrate IRC botnet

[German]A security researcher from CyberNews has succeeded in infiltrating an IRC botnet that tried to attack one of their honeypots. In a chat with the botmaster, the researcher tried to find out what the IRC botnet is used for and … Continue reading

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Microsoft 365 ‘Workplace Analytics’ – Productivity Score nightmare

[German]Microsoft’s software developers have enhanced their Microsoft 365 with a ‘Workplace Analytics’ feature that allows administrators to monitor and evaluate the performance of their users. This is a topic that is currently calling the attention of data protectionists and works … Continue reading

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Sophos informs customers about data protection incident (Nov. 2020)

[German]UK company Sophos has informed a limited number of customers by email of a data breach. The incident is said to have resulted in the loss of personal data from the affected individuals. Advertising

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0patch fixes 0-day vulnerability in Windows 7/Server 2008 R2

[German]ACROS Security has released a micropatch for a 0-day vulnerability in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 (without ESU license). Here is some information about this micropatch. Advertising

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Vulnerability in MobileIron MDM is attacked (Nov. 2020)

[German]The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the UK has issued a warning that a vulnerability in MobileIron mobile device management (MDM) software is under attack by state-sponsored hackers and organized crime. Advertising

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Windows: Vulnerabilities in McAfee Endpoint Security (Nov. 2020)

[German]Users of McAfee Endpoint Security should update the product. Because vulnerabilities weakens Windows security. Here is some information. Advertising

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VMware: Critical vulnerability in products like Workspace One etc.

[German]VMware, the virtualization vendor, has issued a warning about a critical vulnerability in several Linux and Windows products. A patch is not yet available, only workarounds. Advertising

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More than 300,000 Spotify accounts hacked?

[German]Customers of the music streaming service Spotify may have a problem. Hackers have used a database of 380 million records with credentials and personal information from various sources to crack Spotify accounts and have been successful with over 300,000 users. … Continue reading

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IP addresses published for over 49,000 exploitable Fortinet SSL VPNs

[German]A security researcher discovered a list of IP addresses that a hacker published in order to steal VPN access data from over 49,000 Fortinet VPN devices. The accesses are vulnerable to attack via a vulnerability that has long been closed. … Continue reading

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Hoster GoDaddy: Employees tricked in cyber attack

[German]Hoster GoDaddy has now admitted to having been the victim of a cyber attack. The attackers managed to deceive GoDaddy employees who were active for Go Daddy as a domain name registrar. The fraudsters redirected email and web traffic for … Continue reading

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