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Azure & Xbox Live outage?

[German]Currently there seem to be issues or a failure with Microsoft Azure, at least in the USA. The Xbox Live service is also affected by this – and this in times of Coronavirus, where people are supposed to stay at … Continue reading

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Azure-Learning Repository

[German]David das Neves has  pointed me some days to ago to a repository he has put together with training materials about Microsoft Azure. Here are some hints. Advertising

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Azure Monitor: Issue with Log Search Alerts (2./3. Jan. 2020)

[German]Currently there seem to be issues with missing log search alertsrts in the Azure Monitor for which there is no explanation. Individual customers simply no longer receive any log search alerts. Advertising

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Microsoft warns of worm attacks on Exim server on Azure

[German]The company warns customers about worm attacks on Exim servers hosted on Microsoft Azure. This is due to vulnerabilities recently discovered in Exim servers. Advertising

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Azure Kubernetes Service with Windows Containers

Microsoft have announced on May 17, 2019 Windows Server containers support in Azure Kubernetes Service. A public preview is available now. Advertising

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Azure Active Directory outage & RCA for Azure Cloud hicups

[German]Today, February 1, 2019, Azure Active Directory experienced a temporary outage in Europe. During the research I found some information why Microsoft has been suffering from cloud failures since January 29, 2019.  Advertising

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Azure: Ups, we are down again

It seems that Microsoft’s Azure didn’t work well during the last weeks. Again, Microsoft Azure service has issues since two days with login or performance. Advertising

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Windows 7 on Microsoft Azure as Windows Virtual Desktop

[German]Support for Windows 7 SP1 will expire in January 2017. However, Microsoft offers enterprise customers the option of continuing to use Windows 7 via Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure. Advertising

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Microsoft: Linux dominates Azure VMs, has Windows a future?

[German]At the Ignite 2018 conference last week in Orlando, Florida, USA, Microsoft management released interesting figures. For virtual machines running on Microsoft Azure, there is a massive migration to Linux: 50% runs on Linux – which raises the question of … Continue reading

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Update Rollup für Azure File Sync Agent (August 2018)

[German]A brief information for administrators in the Microsoft Azure environment who use the Azure File Sync Agent. Microsoft has released an update rollup on August 14, 2018 that fixes the memory leak in the agent. Advertising

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