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Azure Confidential Computing with AMD VMs

[German]Microsoft has released an initial preview of Azure DCasv5/ECasv5 (confidential virtual machines with AMD SEV-SNP VM isolation) powered by third-generation AMD EPYC™ processors with SEV-SNP. Advertising

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Microsoft revealed Vulnerability CVE-2021-42306 in Microsoft Azure AD

[German]Microsoft has issued a security alert as of November 17, 2021, disclosing a vulnerability in Microsoft Azure AD. This allows information to be retrieved from the Microsoft Azure Actice Directory (AD). Advertising

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Azure PowerShell update announced for December 7, 2021

[German]The Azure PowerShell team plans to release a major upgrade to the Azure (Az) PowerShell module Dec. 7, 2021. This will include support for Microsoft Graph. Advertising

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Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines: Outage for 6 hours (2021/10/13)

[German]On October 13, 2021, Microsoft Azure experienced a disruption where virtual machine services were down for six hours (05:12 UTC to 11:45 UTC). Here is some information about it. Advertising

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OMIGOD: IBM QRadar Azure vulnerable via CVE-2021-38647

[German]IBM warns that QRadar Azure  warn is vulnerable to remote attacks via the OMIGOD vulnerability CVE-2021-38647. Remote attackers could execute arbitrary code. This would have a similar impact to the supply chain attack on Kaseya VSA, a remote management and … Continue reading

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Patch Microsoft Azure vulnerabilities OMIGOD in Linux VMs

[German]Those responsible for Linux VMs under Microsoft Azure need to react immediately. Management agents have been silently installed, that have RCE and LPE vulnerabilities. The vulnerability, called OMIGOD, must be patched manually because there is no Azure update mechanism. Advertising

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eBook: Azure defenses for ransomware attacks

[German]Microsoft has published an eBook that provides key native Azure capabilities and defenses for ransomware attacks, as well as guidance on how to proactively use these capabilities to protect your assets in the Azure cloud. This eBook can be obtained … Continue reading

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Next Azure container vulnerability allowed data theft

[German]Microsoft issued a warning to its Azure customers about a security vulnerability that could have allowed hackers to access data. The punchline: It involved containers whose code had a known vulnerability that had not been patched. Microsoft has now updated … Continue reading

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Microsoft Azure: API changes kills applications and PowerShell scripts

[German]Microsoft wants to make changes to the Azure API. This will impact applications and PowerShell scripts that rely on this API. The date for the API change is July 1, 2022, might want to keep that in mind if you … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn't use Azure AD Domain Services as a Windows AD replacement

[English]When migrating on-premises Windows servers to the cloud or hybrid solutions, one might get the idea of replacing Windows Active Directory (AD) with Azure AD Domain Services. Should be reconsidered though. Advertising

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