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IT failure stops production at German car manufaturer Porsche

[German]An IT failure temporarily shut down the entire production of German car manufacturer Porsche on Tuesday (October 15, 2019). Here is some information on the topic. Advertising

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Windows 10 V1903: Update KB4517389 breaks Edge Browser [Fix]

[German]A brief information for users of Windows 10 version 1903 who suddenly have issues with the Edge browser, which won’t launch. It is due to the cumulative update KB4517389, which was released on October 8, 2019. Microsoft is aware of … Continue reading

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Surface Book 2: CPU- and dGPU issues fixed

[German]Microsoft released a Firmware update to fix two issues with Surface Book 2 running Windows 10 1903. The CPU throttling to 400 MHz and the disabling Nvidia dGPU bug shall be fixed. Advertising

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Windows 10 October 2019 Patchday (Start menu) issues

[German]As of October 8, 2019, Microsoft has released a couple of security updates for Windows 10. After the September 2019 patchday disaster, I now have collected a few minor issues, that I became aware. Advertising

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Windows 10: Update KB4517211/KB4522015 breaks VMware Workstation

[German]It seems, that Update KB4517211 for Windows 10 Version 1809 and  KB4522015 for Windows 10 Version 1903 breaks older Versions of VMware workstation. This virtualization software can’t launch after installing this patch. Advertising

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Windows 10 V1903: Is there a speed drop during file copy?

[German]Windows 10 version 1903 might have a problem copying files. The disc load could reach 100%, causing the copy speed to slump. Here is some information about what I know about it so far. Advertising

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Windows 10: Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp Source (Error 52)

[German]Some users are facing issues with the Bluetooth A2dp profile. They are receiving an error message that Windows cannot verify the digital signature and the driver drops error code 52. In August 2019 a number of Windows 10 users seem … Continue reading

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Surface RT/Surface 2: Update KB4516067 revokes certificates

[German]A brief information for owners of a Surface RT (or all Surface models with 32-bit Windows 8.1 RT): With update KB4516067 Microsoft has accidentally revoked the certificates so that Internet Explorer can no longer be used. Advertising

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Windows 10 V1903: Microsoft confirms, that update KB4515384 breaks Start menu and search

[German]Another addendum: Microsoft has confirmed problems with the update KB4515384 of September 10, 2019 in a support article. Specifically, a broken start menu and a not working search are addressed. Advertising

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 caught fire

[German]Very unpleasant thing: I just came across a case where a Surface Pro 4 suddenly didn’t want to charge anymore, then the battery swell and the device caught fire. Advertising

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