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Windows Server 2016: Empirical proof of slow Update installs

[German]Administrators of Windows Server 2016 systems have been plagued by very slow update installation since the release of this operating system. Now I have empirical test data showing how lame the server are when installing updates – compared with Windows … Continue reading

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Hyper-V VM Shutdown issue in Windows Server 2019

[German]There is an issue with Hyper-V on Windows Server 2019 (and possibly Windows Server 2016). The Hyper-V platform cannot shut down virtual machines properly.

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Office Update ships ‘wrong’ MSComCTL.ocx (Jan. 2019)

[German]Blog reader Sam pointed out an issue with Microsoft’s MS Common controls (thanks for that), which is causing trouble. Microsoft ships wrong versions of MS Common Controls (MSComCTL.ocx) via Office update. In January 2019 it probably happened again with an … Continue reading

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Ups, Microsoft deleted Azure Cloud data bases

[German]That’s not cool: The issues that Microsoft have had with Microsoft 365 on January 29, 2019 also affected Azure SQL databases. Some customers have had SQL databases deleted on Azure. After restoring a snapshot, customers discovered that there were transaction … Continue reading

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Windows Update Service globally disturbed? (01/31/2019)

[German]Currently it seems, that Microsoft’s Update Services are globally disturbed. Users around the world are reporting, that Windows Update can’t reach Microsoft’s update servers. I’ve a Windows 10 test machine, where I confirmed this issue.

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Windows Defender Update KB4052623 is causing Secure Boot issues (01/28/2019)

[German]Windows Defender anti-malware platform update KB4052623 from January 2019 prevents Windows 10 systems from starting with Secure Boot. In addition, an activated AppLocker blocks downloads. But there are workarounds for both issues .

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Windows Defender with Update issues (01/30/2019)?

[German]Just a brief notification for users of Windows Defender. It’ve seen independant reports, that Windows Defender has issues and can’t update since today.

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Office365.com outage fixed, Microsoft 365 facing now new issues 01/29/2019)

[German]Today Microsoft reported that the major outage of Office365.com last week was fixed. But now Microsoft 365-/Office365.com users can no longer access safe links in emails. And outages of Azure, Outlook, Skype etc. are also floating in.

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Windows 10 V1809: User profile service refuses domain login

[German]A few days ago, a German blog reader sent me a mail about an issue he was facing. After migrating from Windows 7 clients to Windows 10 V1809, the clients could not logon to a domain because the user profile … Continue reading

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Office365 outage: a status update (01/26/2019)

[German]Microsoft’s Office365 business customers are facing an outage of Microsoft’s Office365.com service since January 24, 2019. Exchange Online is partially not reachable, so email can’t be send or received. Today (Saturday, January 26, 2019) a status update about that outage.

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