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Windows 10: User control of Windows Update – some inconsistencies?

[German]It seems, that Microsoft has changed something in Windows Update on Windows 10 clients in the last few months. Many supposedly optional preview updates are now installed by default without the user being able to refuse. Here is a brief … Continue reading

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Adobe Lightroom: Update to 5.4.0 deletes all photos on the iPhone

[German] An app update for Adobe Lightroom means that all photos stored on the iPhone can be deleted. Adobe has confirmed the issue and provides an app update that fixed the issue. Advertising

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Bulging batteries at Microsoft Surfaces and the firmware

[German]Interesting finding on the subject of bulging batteries in Microsoft’s surface tablets. Redmond has screwed on the firmware, so that the bloated/bluged batteries should be avoided. However, not all models get these firmware functions. Advertising

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Microsoft’s account suspensions and the OneDrive ‘nude’ photos

[German]Users of a Microsoft account – needed for Microsoft services or in Windows 10 – may facing a strange behaviro. Their Microsoft account may be suspended without a warning for life time. One reason could be OneDrive  content, that violates … Continue reading

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Microsoft Defender blocks Citrix services as Trojan

[German]Currently, there is a problem that Microsoft Defender detects Citrix services as Trojans after an update and deactivates these services. But there is a workaround, which is described in a support article. Advertising

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Exchange Online service disruption? (August 11,-14, 2020)

[German]Since 11.8.2020 Microsoft has been experiencing a disruption in Exchange Online service. The service is occasionally disrupted in sub-functions (login, access). Blog reader Andreas P. has provided me with some information from the Dashboard for Administrators. Advertising

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Windows 10 2004: ‘Credentials Manager’ broken [Workaround]

[German]The Credentials Manager has a bug in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update (Version 2004). The Credentials Manager forgets to save the credentials and is unusable. Advertising

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Project Zero: August 2020 LSASS patch does not adequately protect Windows 10

[German]Microsoft has probably failed to patch a vulnerability properly with its Windows security updates of August 11, 2020. They intend to fix the LSASS vulnerability. However, Google Project Zero says that the vulnerability is insufficiently patched in Windows 10 version … Continue reading

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Defender blocks redirected Microsoft hosts entries – Part 3

[English]Microsoft has begun to block redirects in the Windows native hosts file that affect Microsoft sites in its antivirus products such as Microsoft Defender. The redirects are flagged as malicious (as HostFileHijack). I already mentioned that in part 2 of … Continue reading

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Windows 10 2004 OneDrive issue: No access after upgrade

[German]Today still an issue, that has been observed through all Windows 10 builds. After upgrading to the next build, OneDrive fails and delivers ‘OneDrive cannot connect to Windows’. There can also be printer problems. Here is some information about this … Continue reading

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