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Trend Micro Apex One and Office Scan XG vulnerable

[German]Administrators using Trend Micro’s Apex One, Apex One as a Service (SaaS) and Office Scan XG products as a protection solution on Windows and macOS need to act. The products are vulnerable through four vulnerabilities, but an update is available. … Continue reading

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Defender flags Windows Hosts file as malicious – Part 2

[German]It looks like the Windows Defender has run amok again and considers the Windows hosts file as malicious and complains about it as HostFileHijack. I’ve had now a few confirmation from other users. Advertising

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Windows 10: Avast-Bug blocks app launch

[German]In Windows 10, some users had the problem that certain programs suddenly stopped starting. Now the cause is known: Avast and AVG security solutions were preventing these programs from starting. Advertising

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Vulnerabilities in Symantec Endpoint Protection

[German]There are serious vulnerabilities in older versions (before 14.3) of Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Protection Manager for Windows that allow the system to take over. Symantec has released updates for these products. Advertising

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Approach to deactivate almost any antivirus program

[German]Security researchers from Rack911 Labs describe a technique that can be used to leverage and disable almost any antivirus software on Windows or macOS. Although some AV vendors has improved their products, it’s not a good news for fans of … Continue reading

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SCEP/MSE/Defender: Broken Signatureupdate kills Microsoft Antivirus (04/16/2020)

[German]An update, which may contain a broken signature file, has bricked all Microsoft virus scanners (Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essential, and System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP)) since April 16, 2020. The service for performing the virus scan simply crashes. A … Continue reading

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Windows Antivirus: Performance- & Stability issues

[German]In this blog post I like to take up a tiresome topic. It is about the performance and stability problems caused by virus scanners on Windows 10 clients as well as on server environments. What is the cause and what … Continue reading

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Update KB4052623: Microsoft fixes Defender Scan Skip Bug

[German]Microsoft has released the update KB4052623 for the Windows Defender anti-malware platform for Windows 10 on March 24, 2020. This update also fixes the irritating message that files were skipped during a scan. Advertising

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Security: AVAST disables JavaScript in AV program

[German]A serious vulnerability in its antivirus solutions has forced the security provider AVAST to disable JavaScript in its products for security reasons. Here are a few details. Advertising

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Security Update for Symantec Endpoint Protection

[German]If someone is using Symantec Endpoint Protection on their Windows clients, the antivirus solution should be updated quickly. This is because older versions have critical security vulnerabilities. Advertising

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