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Windows PrintNightmare: Status, issues and workarounds (Sept. 22, 2021)

[German]Since the patchday of September 14, 2021, when further security updates to close the PrintNightmare vulnerabilities are delivered, there are massive problems with network printers in some environments. The background is that Microsoft implemented certain security measures in August and … Continue reading

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Windows September 2021 Update: Workaround for some printing issues

[German]Zum Patchday am 14. September 2021 hat Microsoft für die unterstützten Windows-Systeme Sicherheitsupdates freigegeben, die auch weitere PrintNightmare-Schwachstellen beseitigen sollen. Diese Updates verursachen aber Probleme, so dass Netzwerkdrucker nicht mehr angesteuert werden können. In einigen Fällen könnte ein einfacher Workaround … Continue reading

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Microsoft Azure: API changes kills applications and PowerShell scripts

[German]Microsoft wants to make changes to the Azure API. This will impact applications and PowerShell scripts that rely on this API. The date for the API change is July 1, 2022, might want to keep that in mind if you … Continue reading

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Microsofts Cloud PC "failed provisioning" error during Windows 365 setup

[German]A short information tidbit about Microsoft’s Cloud PC and issues during setting up Windows 365. The cloud service is only available since a few days (see Windows 365 released) and Microsoft has already had to suspend the provisioning of the … Continue reading

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Microsoft Edge 92.0.902.55 causes PDF freezes

The update of the Edge browser to version 92.0.902.55 on July 22, 2021 does close various vulnerabilities. However, users report that this Edge version causes freezes when opening PDF files (see Microsoft Edge 92.0.902.55: Fixes vulnerabilities, causes freezes in PDFs). … Continue reading

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Windows 10: July 2021 update may cause printing issues with SmartCard authentication

[German]The Windows 10 security updates released on July 13, 2021 for the regular patchday (see Patchday: Windows 10 Updates (July 13, 2021)) may cause printing issues in certain scenarios. Printing and scanning can fail if these devices use smart card … Continue reading

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Exchange security updates from July 2021 breaks ECP and OWA

[German]As of July 13, 2021, Microsoft has released security updates for Exchange Server 2013, Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2019. These July updates are intended to address vulnerabilities reported by external security partners and found by Microsoft’s internal processes … Continue reading

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Windows 10: Microsoft fixes Zebra & Dymo printer issues caused by update (e.g. KB5004945) via KIR

[German]After installing updates (e.g. KB5004945, KB5003690, KB5004760), some decicated to close the vulnerabilities in the print spooler service, systems with label printers from Zebra and Dymo experienced printing issues – printing is no longer possible. Until now, the only option … Continue reading

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Changes and ambiguities in driver updates via WSUS; is Windows 10 bypassing Updates via WSUS?

[German]In today’s blog post, I’ll summarize two things that German blog reader Markus K. pointed out to me by mail. Possibly there are changes in driver updates via WSUS, at least there are and ambiguities. Once he suddenly appears on … Continue reading

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The Chaos PrintNightmare Emergency Update (July 6/7, 2021)

[German]Microsoft has released out-of-band security updates for the PrintNightmare vulnerability (CVE-2021-1675) in the Windows Print Spooler service. But these updates seem to end in chaos – it reminds me on the Printer-Gate in March 2021, where Microsoft had to release … Continue reading

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