Microsoft Teams 2.0 issues: Outlook add-in missing during installation; crash after installation and more

Teams[German]The new Microsoft Teams 2.0 client has been available since September 2023 and is probably being tested and partially rolled out in companies. The switch will be mandatory from April 2024 (New Microsoft Teams 2.0 client mandatory from April 1, 2024). In the last few days, I have come across a few issues and questions that I would like to address in a collective article. These range from the fact that the Outlook add-in is missing during installation to crashes of the new client.


BSOD with Teams 2.0 client

In this German comment, a reader reports that the new Teams 2.0 client triggers a Blue Screen of Death after downloading and installing it in his Windows environment. The computer with Windows is restarted and the user can log in again. As soon as the Teams 2.0 client restarts automatically, the next BSOD occurs. The only way for the affected user was to reinstall the MS Teams 1.0 client. However, this could be an isolated case that depends on the environment in question.

In this German comment I posted a Facebook comment stating that the msi installer was causing problems under Windows 11 Pro because the necessary certificates were missing. One user points out that the current app installer version from the Microsoft Store is required for installation.

Deployment: Trouble with teamsbootstrapper.exe

Microsoft has made the applicatio teamsbootstrapper.exe available for administrators who want to distribute the new Teams 2.0 client widely within the company. Microsoft has published this support article containing the downloads for this program and the teams.msix file.

On September 7, 2023, a user posted this article at Microsoft for discussion. It is about the bulk installation of the new Teams client. The criticism is that the teamsbootstrapper.exe requires an internet connection to download the complete installation files. Offline installation is therefore not possible.

But there also seem to be installation issues with the teamsbootstrapper.exe when there is an internet connection. In my German blog there is this comment that deals with the install error 0x80004004 that terminates the setup. On there is this thread that deals also with the installation error. The approach outlined is, to delete the registry entry created when teamsbootstrapper.exe is first called:


Then the program can then be executed without the error abort.


Terminal server support not yet available

There is this German comment thread within my German blog about the use of the new Microsoft Teams 2.0 client on a terminal server. The comment says that terminal server is not yet supported.

Just for the record: In this German article, Jan Mischo looked at the new Microsoft Teams 2.0 client on terminal servers and in VDI environments on a test basis. As Windows Server 2022 and 2019 are not yet supported and Server 2016 will not receive any support at all, he carried out the test on the current Windows Server vNext 23H2 (build 25967) – in other words, it is a development version that is not of any practical use at the moment. But it seems that MS Teams 2.x client will run on terminal servers soon.

Outlook add-in missing after installation

German blog reader Martin has already mentioned it in this German comment: After installing the Microsoft Teams 2.0 client, the Outlook add-in is missing. Christian contacted me again by email the other day with this observation. He wrote:

I've just noticed that if you reinstall Teams, Outlookaddin is no longer available.

You have to install the classic app first and then switch to the new client to make it work.

However, the download offers the new client straight away.

Unfortunately, all Microsoft articles only apply to Teams 1.X

When asked, he explained the topic in more detail. The Classic Teams Client 1.x and the new Teams Client 2.x are based on Webview. There is an add-in in Outlook to schedule meetings directly as appointments.

Outlook-Addin für Teams

If the Microsoft Teams 2.0 client is now installed, the required Outlook add-in has disappeared. There is also nothing to be found in Microsoft Outlook under Addins. Christian writes that there is an option in the Teams 2.0 client to register the addins. This option (probably a checkbox) simply cannot be set in the Microsoft Teams 2.x client. The only remedy is a workaround, which Christian describes in his e-mail as follows.

After downloading, run the TeamsSetup_c_w_.exe to install the Microsoft Teams 1.x client. Christian wrote: "When starting, the [installer] asks directly whether you want to switch to the new [Teams 2.x client]. After switching, both clients can be found in the start menu. And the addin works." Incidentally, Microsoft's support page for troubleshooting does not (yet) recognize this approach – as far as I have seen when skimming through it.

After publishing the German edition of this blog post, a reader mentioned: There is an MSI installer for the Outlook add-in. This can be extracted from the MSIX file of the Teams 2.0 installer by opening it with 7-ZIP, for example. That should be the file MicrosoftTeamsMeetingAddinInstallerX86.msi from the downloadable MSTeams-x86.msix installer. A reference to the regularly updated downloads of all Teams versions of all release branches can be found at GitHub.

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