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Windows Server 2016: Empirical proof of slow Update installs

[German]Administrators of Windows Server 2016 systems have been plagued by very slow update installation since the release of this operating system. Now I have empirical test data showing how lame the server are when installing updates – compared with Windows … Continue reading

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Windows 10: update curiosities

[German]Windows 10 comes with some Windows Update curiosities. It makes a difference whether updates are offered automatically or whether they are obtained via update search. And you can also deactivate the search for updates button.

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Was Microsoft Teams down? Yes, but it’s fixed dude

Were Microsoft teams down on February 18, 2019 for some users? I can’t test anything because I don’t use Microsoft Teams. But there are hints, that the services has been down for some users.

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Microsoft reports DNS issues as solved (Feb. 11, 2019)

[German]Microsoft believes that the DNS issues that caused failures at various services, including Windows Update, in January/February 2019 have now been finally fixed. Meanwhile all Microsoft services should be usable again.

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Hyper-V VM Shutdown issue in Windows Server 2019

[German]There is an issue with Hyper-V on Windows Server 2019 (and possibly Windows Server 2016). The Hyper-V platform cannot shut down virtual machines properly.

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Office Update ships ‘wrong’ MSComCTL.ocx (Jan. 2019)

[German]Blog reader Sam pointed out an issue with Microsoft’s MS Common controls (thanks for that), which is causing trouble. Microsoft ships wrong versions of MS Common Controls (MSComCTL.ocx) via Office update. In January 2019 it probably happened again with an … Continue reading

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Firefox 65 for Windows: Issues with AVAST/AVG Antivirus

Just a brief note: Firefox 65 is causing issues in Windows, if antivirus software from AVAST/AVG has been installed. There are issues with https scanning of various AV programs (Avast, AVG), so https pages are not displayed. I’ve blogged within … Continue reading

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Windows 10 V1809: AMD fix, Update issues and iCloud-Blocker removed soon

[German]Microsoft  is working step by step through the known issues in Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Version 1809). An AMD issue has now been fixed and the upgrade blocker for iCloud should be removed soon. But now users are facing … Continue reading

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Azure Active Directory outage & RCA for Azure Cloud hicups

[German]Today, February 1, 2019, Azure Active Directory experienced a temporary outage in Europe. During the research I found some information why Microsoft has been suffering from cloud failures since January 29, 2019. 

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Ups, Microsoft deleted Azure Cloud data bases

[German]That’s not cool: The issues that Microsoft have had with Microsoft 365 on January 29, 2019 also affected Azure SQL databases. Some customers have had SQL databases deleted on Azure. After restoring a snapshot, customers discovered that there were transaction … Continue reading

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