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Solution for slow start of Windows Server 2016?

[German]Some administrators are complaining about the slow restart of Windows Server 2016 during update installations. A blog reader contacted me about this and I’m bringing up the topic again in a post. Advertising

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Bug in iOS version 13.4 may bypass VPN encryption

[German]A bug in the freshly released iOS 13.4 can prevent all traffic from VPN connections from being properly encrypted. VPN provider Proton has just disclosed this. Advertising

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Windows 10: Bug prevents (VPN) Internet access

[German]There is a bug in all still supported versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016/2019 – caused by recent updates. This can prevent applications from connecting to the Internet. A bugfix is not expected before April 2020. Advertising

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Windows 10 V1609/Server 2016: Update KB4541329 causes printing issues/crashes

[German]Update KB4541329 released for Windows 10 version 1607 and Windows Server 2016 may cause printing issues on some systems (Terminal Server, Remote Desktop). Winspool.drv crashes and pulls the applications into the digital abyss. Advertising

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HPE warns again about possible SSD failures (March 2020)

[German]Manufacturer HPE warns again of a problem with its SSDs for server storage systems (SSDs). A software bug in the firmware can cause the server storage systems to fail after 40,000 hours. A firmware update is available. Advertising

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Teamviewer: Service disruption and changes for private use

[German]Today (March 23, and 24, 2020) we have had some service disruption with remote software Teamviewer. Maybe a technical issue at the server infrastructure due to a heavy load with home office use during Corona crisis. Or a consequence of … Continue reading

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Windows 10: Fix for skipped Defender scans

[German]Windows 10 users are facing the behavior, that Windows Defender skips items during a scan and reports this. In the meantime the cause is clear and I present a solution in the blog post. Addendum: Microsoft has issued a fix. … Continue reading

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Windows 10: Defender skips elements during scan

[German]There may be a problem with Windows Defender. In Windows 10, users who scan the system with Windows Defender receive a message that items were skipped due to exclusions or network protection settings. Addendum: Microsoft has issued a fix. Advertising

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Poor Audio- and Video Quality in Skype for Business

[German]Microsoft is currently having issues with its Skype for Business telephony service. Users complain about poor video quality for Skype for Business during phone calls. Advertising

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Samsung Galaxy S20: GPS issues and Firmware Update

[German]For users of the Samsung flagship Galaxy S20, the manufacturer has provided a firmware update that probably should solve camera issues. In addition, smartphone owners are complaining about GPS problems – it probably takes an extremely long time to get … Continue reading

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