Synology Active Backup for Microsoft 365: Problems with the backup of Teams (March 2024)

Amazon[German]A short note for administrators who use Active Backup for Microsoft 365 from Veeam and may run into problems or an error when backing up Microsoft Teams. There are probably two traps: First, an API limit that you can run into. And there is a known problem that prevents the backup, as I have just learned.


It was a post in a closed administrator and IT service provider group on Facebook, where a reader described his problem and "tagged" me so that I became aware of it. I'm pulling it out because it may be of interest to other blog readers.

Backup fails for Microsoft Teams

The person concerned, an administrator, asked if anyone in the group was using "Active Backup for Microsoft 365". I briefly researched who is the manufacturer. Synology offers a free backup solution under this name for its NAS servers. It says: "Active Backup for Microsoft 365 is a free add-on package for Synology NAS servers that allows you to back up as many Microsoft 365 accounts as you want, limited only by your available storage space."

I think many administrators will rely on the Synology product. But it's stupid when the storage of backups no longer works, as in the current case. The affected person wrote: "I've been having problems backing up Teams since yesterday [must have been March 25, 2024]. The rest (mail accounts, OneDrive, SharePoint) is running smoothly." The reader notes that only a relatively meaningless "System Error" entry appears in the log display.

This was the case for him on Tenants, the reader noted, and asked group members to check whether anyone else was affected. He also asked whether anyone had already asked me on the blog, which I had to deny. But we don't have to die stupidly, because I noticed two problems in the thread that I would like to briefly outline.

API limit trap

Very surprisingly for me, a user named Andy got in touch and strongly suspected that the administrator had "reached the API limit". Didn't tell me anything, but Microsoft explains it in detail in the support article Payment models and licensing requirements for Microsoft Teams APIs from the end of November 2023.


This article describes the payment models and licensing requirements for Microsoft Teams APIs in Microsoft Graph. Access to chat posts via the Teams API can become a problem. If there are a lot of accesses, you will eventually reach the free limit for MS Teams API accesses in Microsoft Graph. Then the API closes and the export no longer works.

There is also a known issue

In the current case, however, it was not an API limit that caused the terse error message "System Error" in the log file, but there is a known error. I'm not entirely sure, but there is this community post from January 2024 at Synology, where a similar error is described.

Der betroffene Administrator schrieb, dass dieses Problem vom Support mit Verweis auf ein "Known IssuThe affected administrator wrote that this problem had been solved by support with reference to a "Known Issues". Affected users must download the file DSM 7.2 signed-ActiveBackup-Office365-x86_64-2.5.4-14030.spk from Synology and then install it manually in the package manager. After that the backup worked as desired. Maybe it will help you if someone is affected.

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