Veeam Backup O365: Fails during backup of Office 365 (April 2024)

[German]Brief information for the administrators among our readers who use Veeam Backup O365 to back up data from Microsoft Office 365. A user has contacted us because he has recently encountered a backup error and asked whether other users have had similar experiences. However, there is a workaround to get around the problem. Addendum: An update to fix the issue has been released.


Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 is a backup solution from Veeam that can be used to back up Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams. The manufacturer advertises the protection of Microsoft 365 data against accidental deletion and security threats and promises fast recovery.

Users are facing issues

German blog reader Sebastian contacted me by e-mail on April 3, 2024 because he encountered problems during the backup process with Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365. He wrote: "Since yesterday evening, there seem to be problems when trying to back up mailboxes and TEAMS from Office 365 with Veeam Backup for Office365." According to the reader, the following error messages appear:

03.04.2024 10:00:12 :: Processing mailbox failed with error: Failed to get folder properties. Not allowed to access Non IPM folder.

03.04.2024 10:13:41 :: Failed to process team: XXXXXX. Failed to get folder properties. Not allowed to access Non IPM folder.

According to the reader, the SharePoint and OneDrive data are backed up without any problems. Sebastian wrote: "Until yesterday evening around 18:00 [April 2, 2024] everything was still running smoothly." He states that neither the Microsoft Office 365 tenant nor the Veeam O365 backup job was changed. He then did some more research and writes that the problem has already been mentioned in the Veeam forum:

There is a support article kb4340 from Veeam with information on a fix for graph export. It is also possible to customize the config.xml file, as described here. The customization causes the Teams message folders (SkipTeamsMessagesDataFolders) to be skipped. Sebastian writes: "Perhaps other admins are still struggling with this." Many thanks to the reader for pointing this out.

German readers confirmed, that the workaround using the customized config.xml file helped. One reader wrote: "Fix works for us only with version 7.x and higher, not with version 6.x. Veeam has published the support article kb4569.


Addendum: An update to fix the issue has been released. Details may be read at Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 – Update to 7a (April 2024)

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