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Data protection officer stopps use of Microsoft Teams in schools of German state Hesse

[German]The use of Microsoft Teams in schools of German state Hesse (Hessen) is being phased out for data protection reasons. This has just been announced by the Hessian data protection commissioner. Data protection-compliant substitute solutions are available for use for … Continue reading

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Microsoft: Chromebooks are cheaper and faster than Windows machines

[German]In an “all-hands” meeting with employees, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Education Eran Megiddo let out some information that isn’t a secret to me. Along with the cheering number regarding Teams usage in the school sector came the admission that … Continue reading

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Fix for Microsoft Teams Performance Issues

[German]Is Microsoft Teams slow on your computer? Does it take endless to launch Teams? Does the CPU load and memory consumption in Microsoft Team sessions go to new heights? Welcome to the new Microsoft world. But there are workarounds that … Continue reading

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Teams storage location for compliance records changed, bricks scripts

[German]Another short information for administrators in corporate environments. Microsoft has changed the location for compliance records in its Team Application without much notice. As a result, PowerShell scripts that generate certain reports in this area no longer work. Advertising

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Microsoft 365: Teams and Outlook was down again (10/07/2020)

[German]On October 7, 2020, Microsoft 365 experienced another disruption to Azure Cloud services. Users are having problems accessing Microsoft Teams or Outlook 365 and this is now the second malfunction since the end of September and on October 1, 2020. … Continue reading

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Attacker can abuse Microsoft Team Updater to install Malware

[German]The Updater from Microsoft teams can be misused by hackers as Living off the Land-Binary (LoLBin) to install malware remotely on the user’s system. Microsoft’s efforts to eliminate this vulnerability work to some degree, but ultimately cannot stop attackers from … Continue reading

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Zoom & Teams not GDPR compliant useable

[German]It’s a bang – various video conferencing systems were subjected to a short test at the Berlin Data Protection Commissioner. Microsoft’s teams or Zoom, as well as WebEx from Cisco, failed as a GDPR compliant video conferencing solution failed. Advertising

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Microsoft Teams: Vulnerability allowed account takeover

[German]Microsoft had to additionally secure its Team Client after security researchers had found a vulnerability. The display of a GIF image could be misused by attackers to take over accounts. Microsoft has since taken measures to prevent this type of … Continue reading

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Does Windows 10 VPN Bug-Fix Update cause Teams issues?

[German]A brief question: Does somebody expects issues with Microsoft Teams after installing the out-of-band updates to fix the Windows 10 VPN internet connectivity bug (like update KB4554364)? One user reported, that the receive error 4c7 during Teams re-login. Advertising

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Temporary restrictions for MS Teams, OneNote, Office365

[German]After the increase in home office sessions as part of the corona crisis led to functional issues in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft is reducing now the functionality of its Microsoft 365 online services. Advertising

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