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Vulnerability CVE-2019-19377 in Linux Kernel 5.0.21

The Linux kernel 5.0.21 contains a use after free vulnerability CVE-2019-19377. The vulnerability documented on 29.11.2019 with a CVE number is currently awaiting analysis. Advertising

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Windows driver WinBtrfs v1.5 for Linux file system released

[German]Short information for people who want to access Linux Btrfs disks under Windows. The Window driver WinBtrfs v1.5 has just been released. Blog reader Gero S. pointed this out to me (thanks for that). Addendum: Version 1.5 crashes the file … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 12.04 ESM: Vulnerability in Bash

[German]The bash shell of Ubuntu 12.04 ESM contains a vulnerability (USN-4180-1, CVE-2012-6711), that also affects Ubuntu derivatives. The vulnerability could allow attackers to infiltrate bash scripts that could cause a crash or potentially execute arbitrary code. Advertising

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Linux Kernel Bug in Wi-Fi driver puts machines at risk

[German]Once again, a violent bug has been discovered in the Linux kernel that allows an attack on machines via Wi-Fi. Attackers can crash or even attack the machines via the vulnerability. The bug has been in the Linux kernel since … Continue reading

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Linux: Bug in sudo allows forbidden commands as root

[German]There is an implementation bug in older versions of the Linux command sudo. This allows commands to be executed as root, even if this is not allowed for a user. In the meantime there is an update which fixes the … Continue reading

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CertBUND warns about a bzip2 vulnerability

German CertBUND warns here about he vulnerability CVE-2019-12900 in the open source bzip2 (versions <= 1.0.6), which is used in Ubuntu Linux, SUSE Linux. The vulnerability allows execution of arbitrary program code with the rights of the service. SUSE has … Continue reading

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SONiC: Microsoft’s Open Source Network OS

[German]Microsoft is also engaged in Open Source – and they develop internally an Open Source network operating system for Cloud applications, called SONiC. Here is some information. Advertising

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South Korea’s government migrates from Windows 7 to Linux

[German]The government in South Korea prefers Linux to Windows 10. That’s the message of the weekend. Instead upgrading from Windows 7 machines to Windows 10, the government decides to migrate it’s clients to Linux. Advertising

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Linux: Vulnerability CVE-2018-15688 in Systemd

[German]A vulnerability in the systemd component of some Linux distributions can be exploited over the network. A single DHCPv6 package is enough to provoke a crash or more. Advertising

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FOSS LinuxBoot replaces UEFI on servers

[German]Vendors using Linux-Servers intends to move away from proprietary hardware with UEFI, Intel ME & Co. The free LinuxBoot is the answer to the UEFI glue of the commercial manufacturers, but is limited to the server area. Here is some … Continue reading

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