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Windows 10: “Socket Error 0×2200021” and WiFi issues

[German]Since April 1, 2020, there have been complaints from Windows 10 users in Italian Microsoft forums reporting WiFi problems in connection with an update. The socket error 0×2200021 is triggered. Here is some information about this.  Advertising

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Does Windows 10 VPN Bug-Fix Update cause Teams issues?

[German]A brief question: Does somebody expects issues with Microsoft Teams after installing the out-of-band updates to fix the Windows 10 VPN internet connectivity bug (like update KB4554364)? One user reported, that the receive error 4c7 during Teams re-login. Advertising

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Windows 10 and the broken feature settings

[German]The settings in Windows 10 are permanent under construction – or in other words ‘simply broken’. Things that are changed in the control panel are simply not considered in the settings page. For example, Windows 10 doesn’t properly apply the … Continue reading

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Windows: Important driver update for Nvidia and Realtek

[German]Nvidia has released the GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 445.78 for Windows to solve a problem. And Realtek has released Windows HDA drivers for several Lenovo ThinkCentre machines. Advertising

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Windows Admin Center Preview 1910.2

[German]Microsoft released the Windows Admin Center as Preview 1910.2 on March 31, 2020. The preview is available for Windows Insider. Here is some information on this topic, which might be of interest for administrators in corporate environments Advertising

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Windows 10: PowerToys Version 0.16 released

[German]Microsoft has released version 0.16.0 of PowerToys for Windows 10 users a few hours ago. The new version brings the ImageResizer and the Window Walker. Advertising

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Windows 10 News Bar …

[German]Sometime soon, Windows 10 will get a so-called news bar. Then important messages will be displayed above the taskbar during operation. Advertising

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Mitigating Windows 0-day ADV200006 via GPO

[German]Small hint for administrators of large Windows environments in the Active Directory environment who need to plug the ADV200006 0-day vulnerability. Mitigation is possible using Group Policy. Advertising

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Windows 10: Updates fixes VPN bug

[German]Microsoft has released out-of-band updates for various versions of Windows 10 as of March 30, 2020 to fix the VPN bug caused by earlier updates from February 2020. Advertising

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Windows 10: Issues with daylight savings time switch in 2020

[German]We have 2020, and Windows 10 still struggling to switch to the correct daylight savings time 2020, at least in Europe. Some machine are still in ‘winter time’, others changed correctly to daylight saving time, but went to a wrong … Continue reading

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