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WSUS: Endpoint decommissioned; SHA2 update required

[German]A brief note for corporate administrators who distribute updates using WSUS. Microsoft shuts down an endpoint before the next patchday. I would also like to remind you of the SHA2 migration issue.

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WSUS: Additional download urls for sync

[German]A brief note ‘from the past’ for administrators of a WSUS (Windows Server Update Service). Microsoft has extended the URL to download updates for WSUS.

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Hotfix KB4465865 for SCCM V1806 Update load issues

[German]Today, a brief post for administrators who use System Center Configuration Manager 1806 and have issues that updates are not loading when WSUS is disconnected. Microsoft has released a KB4465865 hotfix to fix certain issues.

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Again WSUS Sync issues (12/04/2018)

[German]A short message for administrators who use WSUS for update distribution. Currently there seems to be synchronization issues with WSUS (various versions) as well as SCCM again. Here is some information about this topic. Addendum: Might be fixed.

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Windows 7: From April 2019 ‘SHA-2-Support’ is required

[German]Users of Windows 7 SP1 (and its server counterparts) and WSUS will need a special update from April 2019, which will enable the machine to handle SHA2 code signatures. Without this update, these machines can no longer process updates.

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WSUS: Windows 10 Feature Updates re-released (Sept. 28)

[German]A few days ago Microsoft re-released some cumulative updates for Windows 10 (see my blog post Windows 10: Updates KB4458469, KB4457136 (09/26/2018)) and explains that something has been missing in the first release. Today Microsoft has re-released again a massive … Continue reading

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Windows/Office (WSUS) Update issues & experiences

[German]Currently there are synchronization problems with WSUS. Furthermore, administrators run into issues during the update installation for Office and Windows, e.g. the error 0x8000ffff is thrown. Here again an overview or some experiences of a blog reader.

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Patchday issues with updates & WSUS (September 11, 2018)

[German]As of September 11, 2018, Microsoft has released a new batch of updates for Windows and other products. Update KB4457144 for Windows 7 SP1 may issue error 0x8000FFFF. Addendum: The reason for this error and a simple fix has been … Continue reading

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Fix for Office 2016 updates related WSUS sync issues?

[German]On September 8, 2018, Microsoft has re-released a new batch of updates for Microsoft Office 2016 for WSUS. This may fix synchronization issues with WSUS that have existed since September 4, 2018 (Office Patchday).

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Windows 10: Flash update for Insider and more WSUS issues

[German]Two more brief informations about Windows 10 and WSUS. Apparently Microsoft has released a flash update for the Windows 10 Insider Preview [RS5]. And the WSUS synchronizes these updates, but seems to have more issues.

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