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Windows Update Service globally disturbed? (01/31/2019)

[German]Currently it seems, that Microsoft’s Update Services are globally disturbed. Users around the world are reporting, that Windows Update can’t reach Microsoft’s update servers. I’ve a Windows 10 test machine, where I confirmed this issue.

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Windows Defender in a sandbox

Microsoft has added an additional security feature to the Windows Defender included in Windows 10. Defender can be run in a protected sandbox environment from Windows 10 V1703 onwards.

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Windows 10 V1809: Defender shows wrong time

[German]At this point only a short information in case someone is wondering. In Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Version 1809, Build 17763.55), Windows Defender shows a wrong time for signature updates that are in the future. But this should only … Continue reading

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Windows Defender reports osk.exe as malware

[German]A curious story that German blog reader Paul B. just told me about. Windows Defender triggers a false alarm on a Windows native file reporting a Trojan Win32.AccessibilityEscalation.

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Windows 10: Test Defender cloud protection

[German]Does anyone use Windows Defender on Windows 10 in an enterprise environment? Then assure that Windows Defender can connect to various cloud services. Otherwise ‘Defender cloud protection’ is not ensured.

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Windows 7 Defender won’t receive updates (June 2018)

[German]Just a brief note: It seems, that Windows Defender won’t receive automatic updates since a few days (June 18th 2018). But there are defender updates available, as a search for updates confirms. Here are a few details what I’ve found … Continue reading

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Critical flaw in MS Malware Protection Engine (CVE-2018-0986)

[German]Microsoft’s Malware Protection Engine has a critical vulnerability (CVE-2018-0986). All supported Windows versions are affected. Microsoft has released a security update for the affected products.

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Windows 7/8.1 receiving Windows Defender ATP support

[German]It’s a big surprise for me: Microsoft has plans, to bring Windows Defender ATP support, which is currently only available in Windows 10, also to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

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Windows 10: Bypassing Controlled Folder Access Anti-Ransomware Protection

[German]In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (V1709) Microsoft introduced Windows Defender Folder Access as a protection against Ransomware. Nor a security researcher has bypassed this protection using OLE. Microsoft don’t see a vulnerability an will fix it in future versions … Continue reading

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Windows Defender: Update KB4052623 (Jan. 19, 2018)

Microsoft has released an update for  Windows Defender under Windows 10 that changes the Windows Defender Antimalware platform version.

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