Windows Defender reports ExplorerPatcher as PUP

Windows[German]ExplorerPatcher is a tool to customize the Windows 11 desktop in the style of Windows 10 (see this ComputerBase article). Daniel contacted me by email yesterday and reported that Windows Defender has been categorizing the ExplorerPatcher tool as malware for a few days now. ExplorerPatcher is categorized as potentially unwanted and blocked.


Daniel has sent me the following message from Windows Defender about this find (thanks for that):

Windows Defender: ExplorerPatcher PUP-Meldung

Below is the relevant (German) Defender message about the detection. The user has the option of quarantining the software, removing it or leaving it on the device.

Does anyone use ExplorerPatcher and has received the message? Or is the "find" already in the past?


The reader said in an addendum that he suspects that the dll and such are updated during the update, but not the ep_setup.exe file. He had once uploaded this file to VirusTotal, other scanners probably also report an error. The reader then simply reloaded the whole thing and virtually installed it over it, so Windows no longer complains.

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