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Chromium-Edge installed in wrong language

Users who wanted to install the Chromium Edge Browser released on January 15, 2020 report installation problems. The browser is installed in a ‘wrong’ language. Microsoft is investigating the whole thing, see Microsoft Chromium-Edge released. Advertising

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Microsoft Chromium-Edge released

[German]Microsoft has announced Chromium Edge as available on January 15, 2020 for supported versions of Windows and macOS. The browser is available in more than 90 languages and also available for iOS and Android. Here are some additional information about … Continue reading

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Chromium-Edge: Issues and no Auto Update for Enterprises

[German]On January 15, 2020, (patchday) Microsoft starts the rollout of the Chromium-based Edge. Now Microsoft has clarified once again in which environments automatic update will take place and that enterprise envionments won’t get an automatic update. In addition, some known … Continue reading

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Run old and new Edge in Side-by modus

[German]On January 15, 2020, Microsoft plans to ship the Chromium-based Edge Browser under Windows 10. Microsoft has now published a document that explains how to run both browser versions side by side. Advertising

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Microsoft’s Chromium Edge will be distributed via update soon

[German]Another brief message for people who are using Windows 10 and Edge Browser. Microsoft is ready to distribute the final version of the Chromium-based browser via update to supported Windows 10 platforms. This shall start in mid January 2020. Advertising

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Symantec Antivirus crashes Google Chrome 78

[German]Yesterday Google released the Chrome browser version 78 (see Chrome 78 released). Users who have Symantec Antivirus or Endpoint Protection installed got a nasty surprise. Symantec Antivirus crashes browser tabs. The Microsoft Edge browser version 78, which is based on … Continue reading

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Microsoft Security Advisory (October 8,/10, 2019)

[German]Another supplement from last week. Microsoft has published Security Advisory for the 8th and 10th of October 2019, which I will post here. Advertising

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Windows 10 V1903: Update KB4517389 breaks Edge Browser [Fix]

[German]A brief information for users of Windows 10 version 1903 who suddenly have issues with the Edge browser, which won’t launch. It is due to the cumulative update KB4517389, which was released on October 8, 2019. Microsoft is aware of … Continue reading

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Some information about the Edge Browser

[German]Microsoft yesterday released the first (official) beta of the Edge browser for Windows 7. Here are some additional information. There are group policies for administration. And Microsoft has revealed what feedback came from the community and how demands are implemented … Continue reading

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Microsoft released 1st Edge-Beta, also for Windows 7

Microsoft has released the first beta of the Chromium-based Edge browser for various Windows versions. Users of Windows 7 can now also test this beta of the browser. Advertising

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