Microsoft removes the falsely "Edge installed" Copilot app from Windows

Edge[German]Along the lines of "We made a mistake", Microsoft rolled out the Copilot app to Windows (Windows 10/11 clients and Windows Server 2022) in March 2024 with an "accidental" Edge update. Redmond has since "cleaned up" and gradually uninstalled the "unintentionally" installed Copilot app from all affected Windows versions.


The Edge Copilot failure of March 2024

Microsoft may be running on steroids in many places, but it's still making a lot of mistakes. In March 2024, many users rubbed their eyes in amazement when a Microsoft Copilot app suddenly appeared on their Windows client under Apps and features. Even Windows Server 2022 was not spared, as the screenshot from the following tweet shows.

Edge installs Copilot

A blog reader with Windows Server 2022 also pointed out this problem to me on April 15, 2024. Microsoft then had to meekly admit that the Copilot app was mistakenly pushed to the systems with an update of the Edge browser (see my article Windows: Edge 123.0.2420.65 update from March 2024 unintentionally brings co-pilot app; no "spy function"). According to Microsoft's article Edge updates might cause Microsoft Copilot app to show up in Installed apps, the app package was mistakenly installed on Windows clients and servers in 2022 by updating the Edge browser version 123.0.2420.65 (on March 28, 2024).

Microsoft emphasized that the app does not contain any "spying functions" and is based on "unfinished code". Well, that's a "running gag" at Microsoft, because what code is "finished" for them – apart from the code in discontinued products. Microsoft then promised to remove the Copilot app at some point as part of the bug fix.

Copilot app now removed from Edge

This week, the time had come, as an updated entry Edge updates might cause Microsoft Copilot app to show up in Installed apps in the Known Issues section of the Windows Health status page on June 13, 2024 reveals. More details are now available there.


  • Edge browser version 123.0.2420.65 released on March 28, 2024 (or later) incorrectly installed a new package (MSIX) called "Microsoft Chat Provider for Copilot in Windows" on Windows devices.
  • Edge browser version 124.0.2478.51 released on April 18, 2024 contains a change that prevents the Chat Provider for Copilot in Windows from being installed on any device running Windows.
  • Edge version 124.0.2478.67, released on April 26, 2024, removed the "Microsoft Chat Provider for Copilot in Windows" package from all servers affected by this issue.
  • Edge version 126.0.2592.56, released on June 13, 2024, removed the "Microsoft Chat Provider for Copilot in Windows" package from all Windows client versions affected by this issue..

Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 were affected, but users may have already manually uninstalled the superfluous app under Apps and features. (via)

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