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iOS 13.1.x: Updates and Exchange issues

[German]Apple has already released the updates 13.1.1 and 13.1.2 for iOS 13. As a supplement a short overview as well as hints about bugs in iOS 13.1.1, which I received from blog readers. Advertising

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Google Project Zero unveils: Websites infects iPhones

[German]Security researchers from Google’s Project Zero have discovered a previously unknown group of hackers who have been attacking iPhones via compromised websites for years. Visiting those sites leaves a complex exploit chains of malicious code on Apple devices. Advertising

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Security updates for macOS, iOS, Safari etc.

Little information from last Friday. Apple has released security updates for its operating systems iOS and macOS, as well as various products such as the Safari browser, effective June 1, 2018. These updates are intended to close security gaps in … Continue reading

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Microsoft retires Outlook Web App (Android/iOS)

[German]Microsoft has announced the retirement of Outlook Web App (OWA) for iPhone, iPad and Android. Since an Outlook app for iOS and Android devices is available, OWA will be retired in May 2018. What seems to be a minor thing, … Continue reading

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Microsoft AD tries to trick Outlook.com users under iOS

[German]It is well known that Microsoft sometimes uses unorthodox advertising methods (I express it cautiously). The latest attempt to trick iOS users working with Outlook.com (currently only in the USA) left a bitter taste. Advertising

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Firefox Focus – ‘Privacy gate’, a 2nd view

Here is a second view on the Mozilla iOS Firefox Focus app and the data tracking / privacy issue raised last week. Firefox Focus is advertised as a “privacy browers”, but comes with a tracking framework. Data are send to … Continue reading

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Warning: Microsoft Outlook app breaks (company) security

A few day ago, Microsoft has released their Outlook app for Android and iOS. Sounds good, but this app comes with a possible breach of your companies (or private) security rules. Advertising

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iPhone/iPad: screen recording ‘how to’

[German edition]Currently I’m recording a videotraining about streaming (AirPlay, Chromecast, DLNA, Miracast) for video2brain.  Involved was also an iPad with iOS 7 (iOS 8) and I was facing the question “How to record an iOS screen?” This blog article discusses … Continue reading

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