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Motorcycle vibrations can damage cameras on iPhone

[German]Motorcyclists should think twice before buying modern smartphones with image stabilizers and mounting them as a navigator on the machine. iPhones in particular seem to have a problem with vibrations on the machines, as this can permanently damage the camera … Continue reading

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Magnets in iPhone 12 affect pacemakers

[German]The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and MagSafe accessories contain built-in magnets or may generate magnetic fields. Apple points out that these devices can interfere with defibrillators and pacemakers. Advertising

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iPhone: iOS 14 bug prevents SMS and iMessages notifications

[German]Users of iPhones running iOS 14 are complaining that they are not getting notifications for incoming SMS text or iMessages messages. This appears to be a bug in iOS 14 that can also affect notifications from other apps. Advertising

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Over 3.6 million users install Fleeceware in iOS

[German]Now it’s the turn of Apple users with iOS who download apps from the Apple Store. These were contaminated with so-called fleeceware, as Sophos security researchers have found out. Advertising

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iOS 13.4.1 fixes VPN bug and Facetime issues

[German]Apple has released an update from iOS to version 13.4.1 on April 7, 2020. It is a bug-fix update, which should fix a bug in Facetime as well as the bug in VPNs. Furthermore there are further fixes. Advertising

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Covid-19: Apple allows to disinfect devices (e.g. iPhone)

[German]A brief note for users of Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPods or Macs. In times of the coronavirus, the manufacturer has made it clear that people are allowed to clean the displays and, if necessary, cases with mild disinfectants. … Continue reading

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Google Project Zero unveils: Websites infects iPhones

[German]Security researchers from Google’s Project Zero have discovered a previously unknown group of hackers who have been attacking iPhones via compromised websites for years. Visiting those sites leaves a complex exploit chains of malicious code on Apple devices. Advertising

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New iPhones will be presented September 12, 2018

[German]Apple has invited the press for September 12, 2018 to its headquarters in Cupertino to present products there. They probably present some new iPhone models. Advertising

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Outlook app shows birthdays one day too early

[German]Strange issue I recently recognized on Facebook. One MVP colleague complained that birthdays listed in Outlook app on his iPhone were displayed one day too early. Advertising

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