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Tianfu Cup 2021: Exchange 2019 and iPhone hacked

[German]I think the developers at Apple and Microsoft – as well as some other software companies – will have their work cut out for them. At the Chinese Tianfu Cup 2021, which is currently (Oct. 16./17. 2021) underway, there was … Continue reading

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Wave of attacks, almost 2,000 Exchange servers hacked via ProxyShell

[German]I have been waiting for this for a long time, but now the feared has happened. Since Friday, there has been a massive wave of attacks on unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers via the ProxyShell vulnerability. Huntres has already discovered over … Continue reading

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USA, EU, NATO, Microsoft & Co. Blame China for Hafnium Exchange Hack

[German]At the end of February, beginning of March 2021, there was a massive attack on Microsoft Exchange Server (see Exchange server 0-day exploits are actively exploited), in which many thousands of instances were hacked worldwide. Even then, the attacks were … Continue reading

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Passwordstate password manager hacked via supply chain attack (April 2021)

[German]Unpleasant news for users of the password manager Passwordstate. Click Studios, the Australian provider behind the password manager has announced to have become a victim of a supply chain attack. People should assume that their passwords stored via Passwordstate password … Continue reading

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German Gigaset Android Update Server probably delivers malware

[German]A German blog reader just informed me, that German smartphone manufacturer Gigaset seems to be affected by a hack. At least one of the Android update servers is probably delivering malware. Here's the information I have so far. Advertising

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PHP Git server hacked – RCE backdoors injected into code

[German]There seems to have been a successful supply chain attack on the official Git server of the PHP project. The attackers managed to upload an unauthorized update to insert a secret backdoor into the source code. Advertising

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Exchange hack: new patches and new findings

[German]Microsoft issued more out-of-band updates for older Microsoft Exchange Server CUs (which have already fallen out of support) last night. In addition, it is now clear, when the attack waves started and what could have protected against the hack, although … Continue reading

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Sita hack affects passenger data from Star Alliance

[German]Unpleasant story – the servers of the service provider for airlines, SITA (cooperates with IATA), were hacked. Customer data of air travelers of Star Allicance (among others United) got into the hands of hackers. Singapore Airlines and other airlines  have … Continue reading

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IOBit hacked again and victim of ransomware

[German]Windows tool developer IOBit became a victim of a ransomware attack again last weekend, after the IOBit forum was already hacked and ransomware was spread to forum users a week ago. Here are some information what's known so far. Advertising

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IOBit forum hacked, spreaded DeroHE ransomware

[German]The forum of Windows tool developer IOBit was hacked over the weekend. The aim of the hack was to distribute the DeroHE ransomware to forum visitors. Advertising

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