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Cyber attack on TeamViewer in 2016, Chinese suspected

[German]German developers of remote service software TeamViewer has been victim of a cyber attack in 2016. The company has confirmed this to German magazine Spiegel. However, this hack was not made public by the company. Why not? Here are some … Continue reading

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Is Microsoft’s Outlook.com hack worse than admitted?

[German]The access of unauthorized third parties to Microsoft’s email services such as outlook.com or hotmail.com was deeper than Microsoft first admitted. More details are slowly coming to light. Advertising

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Possible hack: Dell resets customer passwords

Currently Dell has reset all customer passwords for his site dell.com. The reason is a suspected security incident (hack) in the company. Advertising

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Data breach: imgur has been hacked in 2014

[German]Image hoster imgur confirmed, that they has been hacked in 2014. The intruders has stolen email addresses and password for login. Advertising

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Hack: Disable Intel’s Management Engine

[German]Security Researchers from Russian security firm Positive Technologies has found a way, to disable the unsecure, vulnerable and much hated Intel Management Engine (ME) 11 on Boards. Advertising

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Windows 10 V1703: Using a touch optimized Explorer app

Microsoft delivers Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) in Windows 10 Creators Update as a file manger. But there is an undocumented, touch optimized file manager app on board. Here are a few details how to use it. Advertising

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DoubleAgent uses Microsoft Application Verifier to bypass antivirus software

In March 2017 a new attack, named DoubleAgent, has been published. Attackers can use Microsoft Application Verifier shipped in Windows to bypass antivirus software. Advertising

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Yahoo: New data breach – more than 1B accounts hacked

Bad news for Yahoo users again. Last September the company informed about a data breach affecting 500 Million user accounts. Now the company reveals a new data breach where ‘unauthorized third party’ accessed data from more than 1B Yahoo user … Continue reading

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Yahoo: Mail with build-in NSA scan

Struggling company Yahoo has not only been associated with one of the biggest data breach in history. Yahoo seems also to be an “NSA assistant”, helping the U.S. intelligence scanning all incoming E-Mails. Advertising

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