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HP ends Free Instant Ink subscription for new customers

[German] HP announced recently the end of lifetime Free HP Instant Ink subscription for customers. The Free Instant Ink offer was dedicated to customers with low print volume. After a lot of protest from customers, the program will continue at … Continue reading

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Worldwide UDP:443 (EDT) DDOS on Citrix (NetScaler) Gateway

[German]Brief information and a question to the Citrix NetScaler administrators. Are you noticing increased UDP:443 (EDT) access to Citrix Netscaler gateway? Currently there is information that a massive DDoS campaign against Citrix NetScaler gateways has been running since December 19, … Continue reading

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Digital doorbells for consumer and its security

[German]In the consumer sector, intelligent doorbell cameras have been davertised and have also been bought heavily. Now someone has taken a closer look at some of these “doorbells” from security aspects … and found the expected results. Advertising

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Google acquires Neverware, whose CloudReady allows Chrome OS to be installed on old Windows PCs

[German]Will individuals and schools soon be able to keep their old Windows computers running Google’s Chrome OS? That’s what an acquisition on Google’s part, which just came to my attention, suggests. Advertising

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Amnesia:33 – Vulnerability in TCP/IP stack put many IoT devices at risk

[German]Security researchers have found 33 vulnerabilities in open source implementations of the TCP/IP stack. These endanger the device security of around 150 manufacturers. This applies to all devices connected to the Internet and ranges from medical devices to many IoT … Continue reading

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Microsoft & Google are abused for phishing

[German]Check Point security researchers are currently seeing a sharp increase in phishing emails that use well-known brands to disguise the fraud. Here’s some information I’ve received from Check Point warning against fake emails on behalf of Microsoft and Google. Advertising

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TP-Link TL-WA701ND AP and a ‘Backdoor’

[German]The TP-Link TL-WA701ND AP creates a WLAN network with a hidden SSID, which acts like a backdoor into a network behind the device. A user came across this backdoor by chance. Advertising

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HP CEO on inkjet printers and third-party cartridges

[German]HP CEO Enrique Lores recently complained about the annoying “unprofitable customers” who use foreign cartridges in the good HP inkjet printers. He explains how the preproduction costs increase for printers that use foreign cartridges. HP has taken steps to optimize … Continue reading

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Contaminated QR codes infect smartphones

[German]Security researchers at Check Point are observing a new trend among hackers: they are attempting to steal more access data via infected QR codes or load fraudulent applications and malware onto users’ cell phones. Advertising

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macOS 11 (Big Sur) bricks older MacBooks

[German]This is not good news for Apple and especially Apple device owners. After Apple has released its macOS 11 (Big Sur), owners of older Macs (especially MacBook Pros) who have been bricked with the update will get in touch. Advertising

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