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Windows 10 Mobile (Version 1703): Fix for PDF rendering bug

[German]Users of a Lumia with Windows 10 Mobile who are still using version 1703 can be happy. Microsoft has released an update that fixes the PDF display error in the Microsoft Edge browser.

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Spectre v2 update March 2018 for Surface Pro (2017)

[German]Microsoft released a new firmware update for its Surface Pro (2017). This should solve various problems and also mitigate the Spectre v2 attack vulnerability. 

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Windows Phone 8.1: store error 0x80070020 fixed

[German]Owners of a Windows Phone 8.1 can now successfully download apps from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft has solved the problem that has existed for days now.

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Firmware update bricks Tolino eBook readers

[German]Users of Tolino eBook readers should currently not install firmware updates on the devices. Two firmware updates for Tolino e-reader bricks these devices so that they are pretty useless.

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Firmware update for Surface Laptop

At the end of February, Microsoft released a firmware update for the Surface Laptop. This website tells us that the Firmware-Update SurfaceLaptop_Win10_15063_1802008_1. msi is a Surface System Aggregator Firmware (v135.2114.3.0) which is supposed to improve battery reliability.

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New Intel Spectre V2 microcode updates (02/20/2018)

[German]Intel released another batch of microcode updates (to OEMs) to close the Spectre V2 vulnerability for 6th, 7th and 8th generation Intel CPUs.

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Netgear router easily hackable – update your firmware

German Netgear routers has (again) several vulnerabilities in the firmware that can be used to overtake devices without a password. However, firmware updates are available to close the vulnerabilities.

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Fire Hazard: Recall of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptops

[German]Lenovo recalls certain models of its ThinkPad X1 Carbon notebook series due to fire hazard. However, only devices of the 5th generation that were manufactured between December 2016 and October 2017 are affected.

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PSA: Vulnerabilities in Cisco products – updates required

[German]Some Cisco products contains contains critical vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are quoted with warning level 10 of 10. Cisco Firewalls and Applicance should be updated as as soon as possible.

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Microsoft Surface: TPM updates, coil whine and LTE image

[German]Today an article about Microsoft Surface models addressing several topcis. Some Surface Book 2 devices has coil whine, and Microsoft released TPM firmware updates. And there is a trick to obtain a recovery image for the Surface LTE.

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