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Windows: Printer issues after Sept. 2019 Update confirmed

[German]Microsoft has just confirmed that some Windows systems may experience problems with printers after the September 2019 updates has bee installed. Here are an overview and also the details I know so far. Advertising

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Security: Vulnerability in Lexmark All-in-one devices

[German]Lexmark has discovered a vulnerability in it’s All-in-one devices within the color fax function. Lexmark published a security advisory about this vulneratbility. Currently it’s unclear, if Lexmark provides firmware updates do mitigate the vulnerability within his devices. Advertising

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Is a HP Firmware Update blocking again Third Party Ink Cartridges?

[German]The aim of this blog post is to find out whether there are any potential victims. The topic: There is a suspicion that HP is again (possibly erroneously) blocking ink cartridges from third-party manufacturers in its inkjet printers by updating … Continue reading

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Microsoft confirms Epson dot matrix printer issue after November 2017 patchday: here are fixes

[German]Since Microsoft’s November 14, 2017 update for Windows Epson dot matrix printers are no longer able to print. The print jobs end with “Win32 error code returned by the print processor: 2147500037”. This affects all printer models under Windows 7 … Continue reading

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Windows updates (Nov. 2017) kills Epson dot matrix printers

PSA: Microsoft ships a couple of updates for Windows on November 14, 2017. Users with Epson dot matrix printers are facing the situation, that printing is no longer possible, after installing November 2017 updates on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and … Continue reading

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Firmware Update blocks again non HP Printer Cartridges

[German]Printer manufacturer Hewlett Packard has released a (new?) firmware update (September 13, 2017) for its Officejet models. After installation, the devices will no longer accept non HP ink cartridges. Here is some information about how to fix this. Advertising

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HP: New printer firmware re-enables refill ink cartridges

[German]After a shit storm HP has released a new firmware update for its Office Jet printer, that re-enables third party refill ink cartriges. Advertising

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HP apologizes, new firmware update for printers soon

HP has published a statement, where the company apologizes for blocking third party refill ink cartriges and promises a new firmware update removing this feature. Advertising

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Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) criticizes HP

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) criticizes HP heavily for it’s move to block third party ink cartridges on some of its ink jet printers. Advertising

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HP printer firmware disables refill ink cartridges

Some users of HP ink jet printers are facing problems with third party refill ink cartridges after September 13, 2016. This is a result of a firmware update for several HP printers. Advertising

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