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Firmware update Surface Studio/Surface Pro

[German]Microsoft has shipped some firmware updates to its Surface Studio and also to its Surface Pro (LTE version). The updates are aimed to improve stability and fixes bugs.

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Surface Pro 4: Don’t install July 26, 2018 firmware update

[German]Owners of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 received a firmware update on July 26, 2018. If possible, don’t install this firmware update, due to (minor) issues with this.

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Does an update bricks the Surface Pro 3 Touchscreen?

[German]I just ask this as a question here: Do you have issues with your after a (firmware-) update of Surface Pro 3, in such a way that the touchscreen doesn’t work anymore? 

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Surface Laptop firmware update for docking compatibility

Microsoft released another firmware update for it’s Surface Laptop. The new firmware (Surface – Firmware – 135.2139.257.0) contains a Surface System Aggregator – Firmware and promises to improve docking compatibility. To manually download the firmware and drivers package for the … Continue reading

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Spectre v2 update March 2018 for Surface Pro (2017)

[German]Microsoft released a new firmware update for its Surface Pro (2017). This should solve various problems and also mitigate the Spectre v2 attack vulnerability. 

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Intel Spectre/Meltdown Microcode Updates (March 11, 2018)

[German]Intel began rolling out microcode updates  against meltdown and spectre attacks on its Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge family of processors a few days ago to OEMs. Here is an overview of the microcode updates that are now available.

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New Intel Spectre V2 microcode updates (02/20/2018)

[German]Intel released another batch of microcode updates (to OEMs) to close the Spectre V2 vulnerability for 6th, 7th and 8th generation Intel CPUs.

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Surface Pro LTE: Firmware Update

The Surface Pro LTE is just available since hours, now Microsoft has released a 0-Day Firmware update with drivers.

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Security update for HP printers is available

[German]There are security vulnerabilities in the firmware of various HP printers that allow remote code execution. HP is supposedly preparing a firmware update, which should be released this week. Update: The firmware update has been released.

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1st Firmware Update for Surface Book 2

Microsoft has released the first firmware update for Surface Book 2, the Microsoft tablet, that has been available sind a few days.

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