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Wi-Fi issues with Surface Pro 7/Surface Laptop 3 [Workaround]

[German]Users of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 models complain about problems with the WLAN part. After waking up from its energy-saving state, the WLAN speed suddenly drops to 10%. Advertising

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Caution with Surface Pro 7 Wi-Fi driver

[German]If you have purchased a new Surface Pro 7 (possibly also the Surface Laptop 3), be careful when installing the WLAN drivers. Otherwise you probably may end with serious issues. Advertising

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Surface Book 2: CPU- and dGPU issues fixed

[German]Microsoft released a Firmware update to fix two issues with Surface Book 2 running Windows 10 1903. The CPU throttling to 400 MHz and the disabling Nvidia dGPU bug shall be fixed. Advertising

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Surface RT/Surface 2: Update KB4516067 revokes certificates

[German]A brief information for owners of a Surface RT (or all Surface models with 32-bit Windows 8.1 RT): With update KB4516067 Microsoft has accidentally revoked the certificates so that Internet Explorer can no longer be used. Advertising

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 caught fire

[German]Very unpleasant thing: I just came across a case where a Surface Pro 4 suddenly didn’t want to charge anymore, then the battery swell and the device caught fire. Advertising

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Are there Battery Problems with Surface Book 2 and Pro 5/6?

[German]It seems that owners of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PCs are still plagued by battery problems. Especially the latest firmware update for battery optimization seems to have side effects. Advertising

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Surface Firmware Update causes WiFi issues

[German]Microsoft offers a firmware update for various Surface devices. If this is installed, some users will experience problems with the stability of the WiFi connection. Here is some information about this topic. Advertising

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Surface Go Firmware Update July 2019

Microsoft has released a firmware update for the Surface Go for July 2019. The firmware update improves Bluetooth connectivity and can be found by searching in Windows Update. (via) Advertising

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Surfaces get firmware updates with security fixes

Microsoft has released a June 2019 UEFI firmware update with security fixes for its Surface models (Surface Laptop 1 and 2, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book 1 and 2). Advertising

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Surfaces Book 2: Issues with Windows 10 V1903 and Nvidia

[German]One should think that owners of a Microsoft Surface Book 2 can easily upgrade to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Version 1903). After all, Microsoft should know its hardware in detail. But there are worse issues with the upgrade … Continue reading

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