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Firefox 96.0 und 91.5.0 esr; Issues with web site access – but it's fixed now

[German]Mozilla developers have released version 96.0.0 with some new features and 95.5.0esr of the Firefox browser on January 11, 2022. However, with the new Firefox 96 there was problems accessing various websites. Here is the information on how to fix … Continue reading

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Bug: Can't add new contacts to outlook.com

[German]No idea if anyone from the readership uses outlook.om. As I just read, the web variant of Outlook seems to have a bug since a short time, which results in users not being able to create contacts anymore. Advertising

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Honda and Acura also had a Year 2K22 bug

[German]I've reported already about the Year 2K22 bug, which disturbed Microsoft Exchange or the Sonicwall E-Mail Security Application on 1/1/2022. But also owners of a Honda or an Acura are annoyed by this bug, because the time of the navigation … Continue reading

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Status of the access bug after December 2021 update (2022/01/03)

[German]With the December 2021 security updates for Microsoft Office, vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Jet Red Database Engine and in the Access Connectivity Engine have been fixed. Subsequently, however, Access databases can only be edited by one person. In the meantime … Continue reading

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Fix: Chrome/Edge lose pinned icons after updates

[German]With the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers on Windows, it can happen that the pinned tile icon is lost during a version update. There is a simple workaround you can try for pinned shortcuts to restore the icon. Advertising

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Patchday Sept. 2021 Review: New PrintNightmare fix, new issues, new desaster?

[German]For months, a number of vulnerabilities in the Windows Print Spooler service, which are summarized under the term PrintNightmare, have existed in all Windows versions. Microsoft has been trying to close the vulnerabilities completely since July 2021 to no avail. … Continue reading

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Word 2019: Cursor problem with Surface Studio after August 2021 update

[German]Presumably the latest security update of August 10, 2021, causes a rather exotic problem with Microsoft's Surface Studios. A blog reader pointed out, that the mouse positioning of the text cursor correctly is no longer possible in Microsoft Word 2019 … Continue reading

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Windows 10 Update KB5005033 bricks Alt-Tab functionality

[German]It looks like the August 2021 KB5005033 cumulative update (and July preview update) is causing problems for some Windows 10 users. The functionality of the Alt-Tab key combination seems to be disrupted, especially when playing games in certain scenarios. Users … Continue reading

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Chrome/Edge 92: Problems with TLS decryption?

[German]Question: Has anyone experienced problems with Google Chrome 92 or its Edge counterpart when the called domain starts with the letter a (Amazon, Autodesk, etc.)? The tentatively rolled out CECPQ2 may be clashing with Fortigate 6.4.5 and the overarching Palo … Continue reading

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Microsoft 365 bug: Mails from Exchange Online and Outlook send to the spam folder

[English]Exchange Online and Outlook users are just noticing that mails end up in the SPAM folder of the mailbox when delivered. Microsoft is now investigating this Microsoft 365/Office 365 issue. Advertising

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