Windows 10 (20H2-22H2): October Update KB5018410 causes OneDrive crashes/issues

Windows[German]Small addendum to the October 2022 patchday: The security update KB5018410 rolled out for Windows 10 version 20H2-22H2 turns out to be a real problem bear. Back on October 17, Microsoft had to roll out a special update to fix the TLS/SSL issues caused by the October 2022 security update (see Out-of-band updates for Windows fixes SSL-/TLS connection issues (also with Citrix) – October 17, 2022). Now Microsoft has also admitted that security update KB5018410, dated October 11, 2022, crashes OneDrive on Windows 10. Addendum: Microsoft has released an out-of-band update as of October 28, 2022 with a fix.


First report on OneDrive issues

It had already slipped my mind again, but while researching for this post I came across my own article Issues with OneDrive for Business Sync Client caused by update KB5018410 (Oct. 22, 2022), where I reported issues with the OneDrive for Business Sync Client in conjunction with Windows security update KB5018410. The range of errors includes problems with logging off, never-ending synchronization of a Teams website, and the realization that the OneDrive for Business Sync Client cannot be uninstalled. Blog reader Andread P. had sent me a status update from Microsoft regarding these issues..

OneDrive issues confirmed again

A couple of hours I searched the web for my article October 2022 update: Error 0xaac (2732) on domain connections confirmed by Netjoin fix for CVE-2022-38042, and came across another notice that Microsoft had addressed the OneDrive issue on Windows Release Health status page of Windows 10 22H2.

In the Kown Issues section, dated October 27, 2022, there is a post Microsoft OneDrive might unexpectedly close, reporting unexpected crashes of the OneDrive client after update KB5018410 has been installed. The short text states that users may not be able to log out of the OneDrive account or unlink your OneDrive account from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites or folders. Microsoft writes that OneDrive might unexpectedly close, and the user might receive an error when attempting to do the following:

  • Sign out or unlink your account in the Microsoft OneDrive sync app.
  • Unlink sites or folders from syncing to your device from Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Teams sites.
  • Uninstalling the OneDrive sync app might fail.

What's new from my post above is that these issues can occur on both OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. Windows 10 versions 20H2 through 22H2 are affected. Currently, Microsoft is working on a solution to this problem and hopes to make it available in the coming week.


Out-of-band update KB5020953 with fix

Addendum: The support post from October 27, 2022 promised a fix for the following week (10/31/2022). Surprisingly, Microsoft released the out-of-band update KB5020953 with a fix on October 28, 2022. When I wrote the above text, there was nothing mentioned about that. Now it says in the post Microsoft OneDrive might unexpectedly close:

Resolution: This issue was resolved in the out-of-band update KB5020953. It is a cumulative update, so you do not need to apply any previous update before installing it.

This update is not distributed via Windows Update, but must be downloaded and installed from Microsoft Update CatalogThose who use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager to manage updates can import the download and roll out the update. The update is cumulative, so it contains the same known issues as the October 11, 2022 security update. Also note the requirements notes listed in support post KB5020953.

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