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How dangerous is Snake/Ekans for industrial plants?

[English]How dangerous is the recently discovered Ransomware Snake/Ekans, which targets industrial plants? Although the malware does not directly attack ICS processes, it is still dangerous for critical infrastructures and OT systems. Advertising

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Chuck Peddle: Creator of the 6502 Processor died

In times when I was working with my 1st Microprocessors early in the eighties, there were the 8 bit Intel 808x processors, and the MOS 6502 CPU, that was used in the Apple II, the Commodore C64, the PET 2001 … Continue reading

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Apple confirms macOS Catalina issues on MacBook Pro

Apple has confirmed serious issues with the just released macOS (Catalina) on MacBook Pros, that affects Media Creatives. iTunes has been split into 3 parts – and some media tools are now broken. Advertising

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Are there Battery Problems with Surface Book 2 and Pro 5/6?

[German]It seems that owners of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PCs are still plagued by battery problems. Especially the latest firmware update for battery optimization seems to have side effects. Advertising

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Intel Releases Security Updates (July 9, 2019)

[German]Intel has released several security updates on July 9, 2019 to fix vulnerabilities in Intel Solid State Drives for Data Centers and Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool. One of the vulnerabilities is rated as high. Advertising

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Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard devices are vulnerable

[German]Wireless keyboard and mouse models from Logitech as well as wireless Presenters from this vendor are vulnerable. There are serious security issues in the wirelessly connected devices. The vendor plans to patch only a few vulnerabilities. Advertising

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Intel: No Microcode Updates for some older CPUs

[German]Intel has stopped developing microcode updates to close the meltdown vulnerability for older CPUs. This can be seen in the latest Intel Microcode Update Guidance revision. Advertising

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Meltdown/Spectre Test Tools Overview

[German]What about test tools for Meltdown and Spectre mitigations under Windows at February 2018? Within this blog post I take a look at several test tools for Windows and introduce two more test tools from Germany. Advertising

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PSA: Critical Vulnerability in Firefox browser – update required

[German]Users of the Firefox browser on Linux, macOS and Windows should urgently upgrade (their desktop version) to version 58.0.1. Older versions (with the exception of Firefox 52 ESR and Firefox for Android) have a critical vulnerability. Advertising

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Ubuntu 17.04 reached end of life

Another short message: Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) has reached the end of live date and there are no more updates. The version released on April 13, 2017 is no longer supported. There are also no more patches for the kernel. … Continue reading

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