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Intel: No Microcode Updates for some older CPUs

[German]Intel has stopped developing microcode updates to close the meltdown vulnerability for older CPUs. This can be seen in the latest Intel Microcode Update Guidance revision.

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Meltdown/Spectre Test Tools Overview

[German]What about test tools for Meltdown and Spectre mitigations under Windows at February 2018? Within this blog post I take a look at several test tools for Windows and introduce two more test tools from Germany.

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PSA: Critical Vulnerability in Firefox browser – update required

[German]Users of the Firefox browser on Linux, macOS and Windows should urgently upgrade (their desktop version) to version 58.0.1. Older versions (with the exception of Firefox 52 ESR and Firefox for Android) have a critical vulnerability.

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Ubuntu 17.04 reached end of life

Another short message: Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) has reached the end of live date and there are no more updates. The version released on April 13, 2017 is no longer supported. There are also no more patches for the kernel. … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash Player version released

[German]Adobe released a Flash Player update to version for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS on January 9, 2018. It is a maintenance update that includes bug fixes, security updates and new features. [Update: Details added.]

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Vendors ‘rootkit’: ‘Windows Platform Binary Table’ (WPBT)

[German]Within this blog post I like to address a feature called ‘Windows Platform Binary Table’ (WPBT), that has been used aon OEM PCs to enable manufacturers to download and install their software, even if the user tries a clean install … Continue reading

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1st Firmware Update for Surface Book 2

Microsoft has released the first firmware update for Surface Book 2, the Microsoft tablet, that has been available sind a few days.

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VirtualBox 5.1.28: Issues with Windows 10 guests

[German]On September 13, 2017, Oracle has released VirtualBox Version 5.1.28. It’s a maintenance update, that fixes several issues. But it raises new issues with Windows 10 guests.

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Using Kyocera FS-1041 under macOS 10.12 Sierra

[German]Today a short information for Mac users. How to use a Kyocera FS-1041 laser printer in macOS Sierra 10.12. The Kyocera website doesn’t provides a driver for macOS Sierra.

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