Firmware updates for Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Duo

Microsoft has released a firmware update for its Surface Laptop 4 on August 31, 2023, which is supposed to fix security issues and a charging problem. In addition, there is probably the (presumably) last firmware update for the Surface Duo smartphone.


Firmware update for Surface Laptop 4

I came across the firmware update for the Surface Laptop 4 through the following tweet from Tero Alhonen. The update history only talks about a fixed security vulnerability. The firmware update also fixes a problem with charging via USB-C.

Firmware Update Surface Laptop 4

Firmware update for Surface Duo

Martin Geuß pointed out the firmware update for the Surface Duo on Dr. Windows and supposes that it is the last of these updates for Microsoft's Surface Du s Android smartphone. Because its support expires on September 10, 2023, as you can read on this Microsoft page. Only the Surface Duo 2 is still supported until October 21, 2024.

Firmware-Update für Surface Duo

In the meantime, the team for the Duo 1 has been dissolved and both devices are no longer produced. The changes via the firmware update for Android only include security fixes for Android, as can be read on this page.


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