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Surface Pro 3 and the (Card Blanche) TPM vulnerability

[German]Here is another addendum to the topic "we are becoming more secure with hardware and software". Recently, Microsoft had to admit a TPM vulnerability (Card Blanche) for its Surface Pro 3 and sent a corresponding security notification around. In addition, … Continue reading

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Windows 11: Microsoft enforces TPM 2.0 on virtual machines

[German]That's it for Windows 11 – at least with older hardware, if I'm right. If the hardware requirements already caused head shaking and unstoppable enthusiasts were looking for ways to install the operating system on machines that did not meet … Continue reading

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TPM-FAIL puts Trusted Platform Module at risk

[German]A newly discovered vulnerability makes it possible to steal ECDSA signature keys by timing attack from the supposedly secure memory area of TPM chips (Intel fTPM 2.0, STMicroelectronics ST33-TPM). Advertising

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Security: TPM vulnerable; and dump mode for Intel ME

[German]Currently, two security issues are on the agenda. Meanwhile, an approach is known to get full access to the Intel Management Engine (Intel ME). And two attack methods on TPM chips from computers have become known. Advertising

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