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HP installs secretly HP Touchpoint Analytics Client telemetry client

[German]Here is an Information and Question addressing owners of HP Windows devices. It seems that Hewlett Packard silently installs a telemetry client on Windows computers. Here are a few details. Advertising

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Fix for HP’s 3D Drive Guard-Bug after Microsoft Patchday

[German]Since Microsoft’s September 2017 patch day there is a second problem on HP systems with Windows 10 version 1703 (besides the black screen bug). The HP 3D Drive Guard is no longer running correctly. Here is some information about the … Continue reading

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Firmware Update blocks again non HP Printer Cartridges

[German]Printer manufacturer Hewlett Packard has released a (new?) firmware update (September 13, 2017) for its Officejet models. After installation, the devices will no longer accept non HP ink cartridges. Here is some information about how to fix this. Advertising

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The HP Conexant audio driver ‘stop keylogger’ placebo update

[German]A few days ago I’ve reported about a key logger within HP’s Conexant audio drivers for several devices. HP claimed this key logger has been left accidentally within the driver and offered quickly an update to ‘remove’ the key logger. … Continue reading

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HP Notebooks: Keylogger in Conexant’s audio driver

[German]It’s a nasty surprise, what Thorsten Schröder, from Swiss modzero AG, discovered in Conexant’s audio drivers shipped with some HP notebooks. The driver is logging all key strokes and writes it into a public log file – a security night … Continue reading

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HP: New printer firmware re-enables refill ink cartridges

[German]After a shit storm HP has released a new firmware update for its Office Jet printer, that re-enables third party refill ink cartriges. Advertising

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HP apologizes, new firmware update for printers soon

HP has published a statement, where the company apologizes for blocking third party refill ink cartriges and promises a new firmware update removing this feature. Advertising

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Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) criticizes HP

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) criticizes HP heavily for it’s move to block third party ink cartridges on some of its ink jet printers. Advertising

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HP printer firmware disables refill ink cartridges

Some users of HP ink jet printers are facing problems with third party refill ink cartridges after September 13, 2016. This is a result of a firmware update for several HP printers. Advertising

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