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Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i7RYH BIOS Update

[German]Intel has released a new BIOS update for its NUC kit NUC5i7RYH. Applies to the BIOS of the Intel® NUC Kits NUC5i3RYH, NUC5i3RYHS, NUC5i3RYK, NUC5i5RYH, NUC5i5RYHS, NUC5i5RYK and NUC5i7RYH.

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Dell: New BIOS is causing Bitlocker issues

[German]Just a brief note for owners of Dell devices using Bitlocker under Windows. Dell has released a BIOS update that can cause issues with Bitlocker encryption. 

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BIOS-Updates for Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15

Dell has released two BIOS updates for XPS 13 and XPS 15 that fixes a couple of bugs and enhance both systems. Here’s what has been fixed.

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