Warning about Lenovo L15 Gen1 (AMD) BIOS 1.33

[German]I'm posting a warning here in the blog that I received from a reader. It concerns at least the Lenovo L15 Gen1 (AMD) systems. The manufacturer seems to be delivering a faulty BIOS version 1.33, which is causing trouble. The notebooks end up with a black screen and can only be reactivated with tricks.


Lenovo Thinkpad L15 G1

The blog post is about Lenovo Thinkpad L15 G1 (AMD Ryzen) 20U7-0066GE devices (whether other models are also affected remains to be seen). The notebooks have a 15-inch display and come with an AMD Ryzen 7 Pro processor and AMD graphics card. The RAM can be expanded up to 64 GB. The Lenovo ThinkPad L15 20U70066GE has a 512 GB SSD, but is no longer on sale, although it is likely to still be widely used. The notebook was delivered with a pre-installed Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (64-bit).

Lenovo Thinkpad L15 G1 (AMD Ryzen) 20U7-0066GE
Lenovo Thinkpad L15 G1 (AMD Ryzen) 20U7-0066GE

A reader's note about BIOS issues

A blog reader recently sent me an e-mail warning about problems with a BIOS upgrade. The blog reader works in the field of IT system integration and naturally gets his hands on a few computers in this capacity. These include Lenovo Thinkpad L15 G1 (AMD Ryzen) 20U7-0066GE devices.

Lenovo has released a new BIOS version 1.33 at the beginning of May 2024, but it is probably faulty or simply broken. In May 2023, the blog reader had two Lenovo notebooks model L15 G1 (AMD Ryzen) 20U7-0066GE on his desk, where an upgrade to BIOS version 1.33 was made. At least with these two notebooks, a black screen reproducibly appeared on the device including Lenovo Musical Sounds (display error). However, according to the reader, the boot process runs, including the Windows welcome sound.

However, if the device is connected and started with the HDMI or dock screen connected, the Windows logon screen appears after booting (before the screen went black on the laptop and no bios screen has been shown). In this constellation the internal notebook display suddenly reactivates.


Lenovo BIOS-Version 1.33
Lenovo BIOS-Version 1.33 Download

According to the reader, the problem is that Lenovo is still deploying this bios – e.g. via system update software and the website – the screenshot above is from May 26, 2024 and shows the BIOS update to version 1.33.

The reader then performed a flashback to BIOS version 1.32 after the BIOS upgrade to version 1.33 at the beginning of May caused problems. The monitor then worked on both devices and the problems described above disappeared. Subsequently, another notebook was updated to BIOS version 1.33 and the error was present again.

This is what the support team says

The reader opened a ticket with Lenovo via his company and reported the error. Lenovo support even issued a statement in response, which read: "We have escalated the problem mentioned. We ask you to keep the previous version of the BIOS (1.32) active until we release the new version of the BIOS." The reader assumes that a larger group of people should notice the problem shortly. At least the blog readership will then be warned accordingly. Thanks to the blog reader for pointing this out.

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  1. Marcin Cieślak says:

    Can confirm, BIOS 1.33 causes blank screen and appropriate sound error code. Connecting an external monitor brings the display back. Downgrading to 1.32 resolves the issue.

    Model: L15 G1 AMD

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