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Windows and Browser Statistics February 2018

[German]At the beginning of February 2018, it’s time to take a quick look at the market share of desktop operating systems and see how things has changed with Windows. And I will take also a look at the browser market … Continue reading

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Google Chrome 64: Security Fixes, Spectre Mitigation, Ad-Blocker

[German]Google developers released Google Chrome 64 for Android, Linux, macOS and Windows. The new version closes 53 security holes, includes protection against Spectre attacks and comes with an improved ad blocker.

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Is your browser vulnerable for cryptojacking?

[German]Question: Is the browser you are currently using vulnerable to to websites secretly abusing it for crypto mining? A test can provide more information.

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Test: Is my browser vulnerable for Spectre attacks?

[German]Here’s a tip for users of devices, who are wondering, if their browser is vulnerable for Spectre attacks. The test is independent of the device and operating system and there is no need to install anything.

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Tor Browser 7.0.6 released

[German]The Tor project has released Tor browser 7.0.6 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X on September 26, 2017. An Update is recommended.

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Firefox 56 released – IndexDB bug fixed, new screenshot tool

[German]Mozilla developers has released Firefox browser version 56 for Windows, Linux and macOS. Beside a screenshot tool there are many improvements and also fixes under the hood.

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Apple and Google fixes browser bugs, Microsoft not

[German]There is a security vulnerability in the Microsoft Edge browser that has been discovered by security researchers. While Apple and Google have patched a similar vulnerability, Microsoft does not want to offer an update.

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Google Chrome Version 61.0.3163.79

Google has released on September 5, 2017 version 61 of Google Chrome browser for several desktop operating systems. The new browser contains bug fixes and improvements.

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Microsoft Update Catalog finally supports different browsers

[German]Finally Microsoft has removed the ActiceX dependency in Microsoft Update Catalog. So you can use nearly any browser beside Internet Explorer to access Microsoft Update Catalog.

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Google Chrome lags and freezes

[German Edition]I’m facing an annoying problem using Google Chrome browser under Windows 7. The browser freezes for a few seconds, when I open a new web page. During this short period I can’t do anything within the browser window. After … Continue reading

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