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Android: Google offers European users the browser choice

[German]Google has begun to offer European users of Android devices a browser selection ad to the user. Here is some information about this.

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Tor-Browser 8.5.1 released

[German]The developers of the Tor project released the new version 8.5 .1 of the Tor bundle for the desktop on June 4, 2019.

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Nearly 200 Extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) vulnerable

[German]Security researchers have found nearly 200 extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera that can be attacked by malicious websites. Maybe another opportunity to check, if you really need this stuff.

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Otter Browser

[German]Are you searching a browser that doesn’t depend on Chromium or Firefox and shall not been Edge or Safari? The developers have released the first stable version of the Otter browser (successor from Opera) at January 1, 2019. This … Continue reading

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Microsoft Patchday: Other Updates December 11, 2018

[German]As of December 11, 2018 (Patchday), Microsoft has released additional updates for Internet Explorer, Windows Server, etc. In this blog post the respective patches are added, which are not included in the remaining posts linked at the end of the … Continue reading

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Tor Browser 8.0.4

[German]On December 12, 2018, the developers released Tor Browser 8.0.4. This is a maintenance update that updates Firefox 60.4.0esr and various other components. 

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Does Microsoft kill Edge for a chromium based browser?

[German]According to the latest rumors, Microsoft works on a browser based on Google’s chromium engine. This means its Edge browser will be buried in the future.

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Sticky Notes within a browser

Microsoft has made Sticky Notes available within the web, so a browser and an internet connection is sufficient, to run this little tool.

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Bing/Edge directed Chrome-Fans to Phishing sites

[German]A worrying thing that may have happened in the USA. Users looking for a Google Chrome download in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 were occasionally redirected to a page offering unwanted software (PUP).

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Tor Browser 8.0.2

Tor developers released version 8.0.2 of the browser on October 2, 2018. Firefox is updated to 60.2.1esr and two bugs (Backport fix for Mozilla bug) are fixed.

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