Outlook: Old clients will be deactivated in mid-July 2024

[German]I'm posting some information here on the blog that I came across a few days ago. From mid-July 2024, older Outlook clients and web browsers will refuse to work with Microsoft email accounts. Users will then have to update their clients in order to continue sending and receiving emails.


I became aware of the problem on X via the following tweet (the original seems to have been published in the Microsoft 365 Message Center, as I read here). The tweet urges users to update their Outlook clients and web browsers immediately. Otherwise, there will soon be problems sending and receiving emails.

Outlook-Clients Supportende

  • From mid-July 2024, outdated Outlook clients will be phased out. This affects users with outdated versions on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows mail and calendar applications.
  • From mid-August, outdated browsers will receive an error message on Outlook Web (outlook.com). Users will need to update to the latest versions to maintain functionality and support.

Microsoft therefore requires updated email clients and also browsers to access its email accounts.

Changes in mid-July 2024

Organizations using vanity domains and whose users are on the following client versions will experience a loss of functionality:

  • Outlook for iOS versions before 4.2411,
  • Outlook for Android versions prior to 4.2342,
  • Outlook for Mac versions older than 16.73
  • Windows mail and calendar applications

Users are advised to switch to the new Outlook for Windows and update to the latest versions of Outlook for iOS, Android and Mac. Microsoft wants to focus its development efforts on the new versions.


Changes in mid-August 2024

For Outlook on the Web and outlook.com, users using an old browser will receive an error page and will be prompted to install the newer version of the browser in order to continue using Outlook on the Web (OWA). This affects the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge (the previous version, which is not yet based on Chromium)
  • The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge in versions <=79
  • Google Chrome in versions <=79
  • Safari in versions <=13.1
  • Mozilla Firefox in versions <=78
  • Opera in versions <=76

The light version of Outlook on the web is also being discontinued. For the Outlook iOS, Android, Mac and Windows Mail and Calendar application, the change will be rolled out gradually to customers in mid-July 2024. The rollout should be completed by the end of September 2024. For Outlook on the web, the changeover will take place gradually from mid-August 2024 and should be completed by the end of October 2024.

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2 Responses to Outlook: Old clients will be deactivated in mid-July 2024

  1. yanta says:

    When they say "Windows Mail and Calendar applications" are they referring specifically to the "Windows Mail" application. I have a customer who refuses to upgrade from Outlook 2010 (She thinks people will be unable to read her email if she upgrades, and no amount of education is moving her). Technically one could argue Outlook 2010 is a "mail and calendar application", but just wanted to clarify.

    • guenni says:

      AFAI, Outlook Classic isn't affected – but sooner or later Outlook 2010 will be out of order.

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