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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp worldwide down

[German]Currently (2021/10/04, 19:50 MEZ) there is a worldwide major disruption at Facebook, which also includes the services Instagram and WhatsApp. The disruption has already been going on for a few hours, and the US giant's users are in an uproar … Continue reading

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Check Point discovers WhatsApp vulnerability in image filter

[German]Another brief security information for the few remaining WhatsApp users. Security researchers from Check Point have discovered a vulnerability in the WhatsApp image filter function that hackers could exploit. In the meantime, however, this vulnerability has been fixed with an … Continue reading

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Malware infection of Gigaset Android phones and the WhatsApp/SIM problem

[German]After the (supply chain) malware attack on various Gigaset Android smartphones, WhatsApp access was blocked for many users. There is an option to have the access unlocked again. Since several people have asked whether it is safe to continue using … Continue reading

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Why you should quit WhatsApp

If you observe Facebook's WhatsApp from a view or a data protection activist or a security expert, you should have dropped that messenger (I dumped that thing in 2018 due to GDPR reasons). During the past WhatsApp has a steady … Continue reading

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Private WhatsApp Group Invits in Google Search Index

[German]Imagine having a very private conversation with your family via WhatsApp group, where only people are invited to join. And then the whole world can find the group invitation and and join the group, and having the phone numbers of … Continue reading

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down?

[German]It seems, that the services of Facebook and its daughters Instagram and WhatsApp have (at least temporarily) been down. And that on Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Advertising

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WhatsApp vulnerability CVE-2019-3568; Update required

[German]The Messenger app WhatsApp has a critical vulnerability affecting both Android and iOS. The vulnerability is already being exploited (there is an exploit from an Israeli company selling it). Users should urgently update WhatsApp. Advertising

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WhatsApp ends Windows Phone & Windows 10 Mobile support

WhatsApp announced the end of support for all Windows Phone (includes Windows 10 Mobile) operating systems after December 31, 2019. Support for Android versions 2.3.7 and older ends after February 1, 2020, and for iPhone iOS 7 and older after … Continue reading

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GDPR: Continental bans WhatsApp & Snapchat

[German]Privacy and security concerns resulted in a ban of WhatsApp & Snapchat on company devices from Continental AG. This is justified by the legal situation (GDPR) and the protection of business secrets. Advertising

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EU Commission fines Facebook €110 million

The European Commission has fined Facebook €110 million for providing incorrect or misleading information during the Commission's 2014 investigation under the EU Merger Regulation of Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp. Advertising

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