Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp worldwide down

[German]Currently (2021/10/04, 19:50 MEZ) there is a worldwide major disruption at Facebook, which also includes the services Instagram and WhatsApp. The disruption has already been going on for a few hours, and the US giant's users are in an uproar – and the consequences may not be really noticeable until 9 months from now.


I've been offline for some time and rarely hang out on Facebook. But this outage is already throwing ripples all the way here in my German blog – as this comment from Rudi shows (thanks for that – I event read it on other sited). If you open Facebook in your browser, you get a message that the page doesn't exist.

Facebook, Instagram und WhatsApp weltweit ausgefallen

If I've noticed correctly, the disruption of Facebook services started around 5:30 p.m. . At allestoerungen.de (or downdetector.com), the start of the disruption is shown at this time, but the peak is already subsiding.

Facebook Störung

On Twitter Facebook and WhatsApp has confirmed the outage.


Facebook down

WhatsApp down

The tweets state that they are working on the fault. I can confirm that the people there are already working flat out on troubleshooting. I was just in the server room with a flashlight and what do I see? Well, there you go – Marc will fix it …

Facebook Troubleshooting

Now I just have to figure out how to post a link to this blog post on Facebook so that people there will also notice the outage …

PS: There are also indications of disruptions at German internet providers Vodafone and Telekom. Since my Internet access still works and the error messages on Twitter also arrive in English, it could have something to do with the DNS assignment in large Internet nodes.  We'll see what happens.

But what still irritates me a bit – Facebook's stock price per share somehow anticipated this disruption by a few minutes – it's strange, isn't it?

Facebook Aktienkurs

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