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Data leak reveals again millions of Facebook data from Vietnam

[German]Security researchers found an unsecured data base with 12 million Facebook users from Vietnam, who were probably exfiltrated from the social network. Advertising

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Facebook’s privacy report isn’t accurate

[German]After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook offers the possibility to download data about oneself and also to check whether advertisers have uploaded data for a profile. But the data prepared by Facebook isn’t correct. Advertising

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down?

[German]It seems, that the services of Facebook and its daughters Instagram and WhatsApp have (at least temporarily) been down. And that on Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Advertising

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#FacebookDown: Worldwide issues

Currently it seems that Facebook (and its services like Instagram) are being disturbed worldwide. According to various reports, Twitter is probably also affected, although I can’t see any issue at the moment. Advertising

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Facebook: Hackers accessed 50 Mio. Access Tokens

[German]Facebook has just admitted a vulnerability within it’s network. Hackers probably was able to stole access tokens and abuse 50 million accounts. Possibly more accounts are affected, Facebook has reset 90 million accounts. In addition, a White Hat hacker on … Continue reading

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The mess with Facebook’s ‘malware protection’

[German]Just a brief view of  Facebook’s approach of securing users with malware protection. The ‘Malware protection’ attempt of the social network causes some Facebook users a lot of trouble and prevents them from logging in. Advertising

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EU Commission fines Facebook €110 million

The European Commission has fined Facebook €110 million for providing incorrect or misleading information during the Commission’s 2014 investigation under the EU Merger Regulation of Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp. Advertising

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Facebook ordered to stop WhatsApp user data transfer in Germany

Facebook has been ordered in Germany to stop harvesting user data from WhatsApp. Here are a few insights, what’s going on and why this order has been issued. Advertising

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