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Instagram has issues on Oct. 31, 2022 – Helloween?

[German]The platform Instagram, which belongs to Meta (Facebook), seems to have technical problems. Users cannot log in or receive a message that their Instagram account is deactivated. Advertising

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp worldwide down

[German]Currently (2021/10/04, 19:50 MEZ) there is a worldwide major disruption at Facebook, which also includes the services Instagram and WhatsApp. The disruption has already been going on for a few hours, and the US giant's users are in an uproar … Continue reading

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How to find weak passwords in Active Directory and eliminate them with PowerShell

[Sponsored Post]Weak or compromised passwords are a known gateway for attackers. If you are able to identify which users in Active Directory (AD) are threatened by this, then PowerShell can help to remedy it. However, PowerShell scripts cannot eliminate basic AD deficits, other tools are needed for this. More ...

Instagram app hacked by images with malware

[German]Security researchers at Check Point have succeeded in attacking the Instagram app on smartphones by successfully posting malware-infected images. This allowed the theft of account credentials and mobile device monitoring. The vulnerability has now been fixed. Advertising

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down?

[German]It seems, that the services of Facebook and its daughters Instagram and WhatsApp have (at least temporarily) been down. And that on Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Advertising

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instagramdown: Instagramm is down – worldwide

The Instagram platform, which belongs to Facebook and on which people can post photos, is currently unavailable worldwide. Something serious must have happened. Advertising

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