Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down?

[German]It seems, that the services of Facebook and its daughters Instagram and WhatsApp have (at least temporarily) been down. And that on Thanksgiving Day in the USA.


I myself can currently access Facebook (I don't have an account with Instagram). But on Twitter you can find the corresponding user messages under the hashtags #instagramdown and #facebookdown.

The German page allestoerungen.de shows a strong increase in error reports for the search hit Facebook sind a few hours.

Facebook down

Also downdetector.com shows similar issues. Instagram confirmed on Twitter that they are investigating issues.


Also downdetector.reports a lot of down reports for Instagram,  although the reports are already subsiding. The same applies to WhatsApp, which is part of the Facebook conglomerate. The whole thing seems to occur worldwide, since I have seen trouble reports in a search on English pages, but also on German pages (here and here). Any of you affected?

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