Microsoft, Windows 10, Photo app and the user consent

[German]Microsoft's developers are cretins: They try to force people to give a user consent in a Windows 10 app, that the person concerned can never keep. Here are a few details.


It's another case where Microsoft was caught with the fingers in the honey pot. It's about a consent clause that the company knows the user will never be able to comply with. Chris Vickery noticed the whole thing and made it the subject of the following tweet.

Microsoft will show the user a page on which the user has to agree to comply with the following Microsoft condition the first time the photo app is opened.

By enabling the People setting, you repsent that you have all approriate contents from the people in your photos and videos.

The request for consent comes in photos, and the user should confirm when activating the people settings that he/she has the permission of all persons for storage, which can be seen in photos and videos.

It is clear that no user can guarantee this to Microsoft. Therefore, this condition is unenforceable and immoral. The mess is that the function is imposed on people. Chris Vickers calls this 'data washing' on the part of Microsoft and says that Redmond should be ashamed and punished for it. Because Microsoft knows that probably 0% of users have the consent of everyone in a personal photo or video collection to store the data.


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