Microsoft Teams 2: User status is sporadically displayed incorrectly

Teams[German]I'm posting a reader observation about the new Microsoft Teams 2.0 client here on the blog to find out whether the problem is more widespread or an isolated case. It's about the new Teams 2.0 client, which probably still has bugs and, for example, incorrectly distributes the presence status to contacts. A reader pointed this problem out to me the other day.


The new MS Teams 2.0 client

Microsoft is migrating users of Microsoft Teams to version 2.0 of its client. I reported in the blog post New Microsoft Teams 2.0 Client released for macOS and Windows that interested parties can install version 2.0 of the Microsoft Teams client on macOS and Windows.

The decision to redevelop the Teams 2.0 client was announced by Microsoft back in March 2023. The background to this was probably massive user complaints about the resource consumption of the old Teams client. The aim of the new development was to enable faster, simpler and more flexible working with the new client. The new client is said to have reduced resource consumption.

The new MS Teams 2.0 client is currently still being heavy under development, Microsoft is world champions when it comes to vapor ware announcements – I've just read recently, that they want to create a feature in Teams to archive channels that are no longer in use. However, it wouldn't be entirely unflattering if the developers also fixed existing bugs. Even, since they announced that the MS Teams 2.x client will be mandatory after April 1, 2024 (it's no April fool's joke, see New Microsoft Teams 2.0 client mandatory from April 1, 2024).

Wrong user status

German user Thorsten contacted me and wrote: "I don't know if you've heard about this from other readers". He outlined an annoying Microsoft Teams 2.0 bug that is manifesting itself in his company environment. Some users have the problem that their status of presence is sporadically displayed incorrectly in the new MS Teams 2.0 clients. Thorsten then gave me a concrete example.

  • In one case, the presence status of employee B is displayed as "Absent" for employee A in MS Teams 2.0, although employee B is currently sitting in front of his notebook and even working with MS Teams.
  • The problem can then only be solved in such a way that the MS Teams member for whom the status is displayed incorrectly exits via the info bar icon and restarts the Teams client (or by terminating the MS Teams process in the Task Manager).

The reader told me that the company is not yet 100% sure what the problem is. The issue is not yet escalating, as only 2 employees have actively reported and complained so far. But I got feedback from other readers, after I've posted the German edition of this blog post, confirming this behavior.


Is it related to the hibernation mode?

However, the reader told me, that the problem also occurred with him on his notebook, he is the IT guy and administrator within the enterprise. In this case, the notebook in question was woken up from sleep mode every time. Interestingly, in this scenario, the MS Teams client could not even correctly determine the logged-in user's own presence status. It was then displayed on the MS Teams 2.0 client with an orange clock symbol (stands for inactive).

The company still uses Windows 10 Pro throughout, with the clients being up to date, writes the reader. He also states that the MS Teams client in the company environment is always up to date. At the moment, version 23272.2707.2453.769 is displayed. The 2 employees who have reported this are not using hibernation. So the cause must lie somewhere else.

At this point, the question arises as to whether more users from the readership have encountered this phenomenon? And if so, is there perhaps a known cause, is there a possible remedy and has the bug already been reported to Microsoft by ticket?

After posting the article link in an administrator group on Facebook, I immediately received feedback from a member that they also have the same problem. Quote: "Team members are shown as absent or offline and you are chatting with them. No switching to the actual status etc.

And another reader pointed out another bug in MS Teams 2.0 to me on Facebook. Files and folders in a channel are sometimes not visible.

A workaround

The blog reader then fixed the whole thing using a workaround. After waking up from sleep mode, he runs a batch script via the task scheduler. The script then performs the following steps:

  • The process ms-teams.exe is killed with its subprocesses.
  • The program path to the new ms-teams.exe is determined dynamically from the registry.
  • The ms-teams.exe is restarted.

The program path to the new ms-teams.exe must be determined dynamically. While the program file of the old MS Teams client was permanently stored in the "…\current\" folder, the program files of the new MS Teams client are always stored in a folder named after a version number.

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