Windows: November 2023 patchday issues

Windows[German]On November 14, 2023 (second Tuesday of the month, patch day at Microsoft), Microsoft also released cumulative updates for Windows 10, Windows 11 and the Windows Server counterparts. In the meantime, readers here on the blog have commented on various posts and reported bugs. I have summarized the information on problems with the patchday in the following post.


KB5032190 drops error 0x800f0922

Update KB5032190 for Windows 11 22H2 and 23H2 fails for some users during installation with the error code 0x800f0922. Blog reader Don complains about this, for example, in this comment within my German blog. The error code 0x800f0922 stands for CBS_E_INSTALLERS_FAILED ("Error processing extended installation programs and generic commands.") – a generic error.

In this article, Microsoft writes that this may be due to the fact that there are more than 65,000 files in the temporary Windows directory C:\Windows\Temp during the installation/uninstallation of features and roles. It may help to empty the contents of this folder. I have also previously provided general information on diagnosing the causes of this generic installation error (see Windows 10: Update error 0x800F0922).

I found an older blog post on German, which states that one of the causes of the error is an uninstalled Edge browser. German site Dr. Windows has this post reporting error 0x800f0922 when installing the Windows 10 22H2 update KB5032189 (preview from October 26, 2023). Microsoft Edge was also the culprit there.

Some update installation errors such as 0x800F0922 and 0x800f081f are reported here on Windows Latest. The latter error is reported several times in the Feedback Hub – there is no solution.

Windows 10: Update KB5032189; Error 0x8007000D

In the German blog, Martin left this comment and complains about an installation abort with the error code 0x8007000D. Based on the comment assignment, I assume the update KB5032189 for Windows 10 version 21H1 – 22H2. Normally the error code is an indication of corrupted system files. However, Martin writes that repairing the files did not help.

The reader is not alone, there is also this entry with an error description on Microsoft Answers. A repair installation is recommended there – whether this helps is unclear. There is also this second forum post on Microsoft Answers where the error was reported. There are some hints for troubleshooting.


Back in October 2023, I published the blog post Windows 10 Update KB5031356 fails with error 0x8007000D. At that time, Microsoft had rolled back the component in the cumulative update that triggered the error via KIR. According to Microsoft, error 0x8007000D can occur if drive encryption has been activated in Windows (but this is probably not the case for Martin). The question remains whether other users are affected and have been able to solve the problem?

Users generally complain in the comments about the very slow update installation, which takes many hours.

Windows 10 22H2: Store broken, "unknown layout in manifest"

In October 2017, I published the blog post Windows 10 V1709: Store broken (wrong manifest layout). After the release of the November 2023 updates for Windows 10 22H2, several users reported in the blog that the message "An unknown layout was specified in the manifest" was displayed in the Store under "Downloads and updates". Thorsten left the first entry in the form of this comment in my German blog. Thomas B. has outlined a solution in this comment that he found on Execute these commands

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.WindowsStore | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml" -Verbose}
#REM wait 5 min
Get-CimInstance -Namespace "Root\cimv2\mdm\dmmap" -ClassName "MDM_EnterpriseModernAppManagement_AppManagement01" | Invoke-CimMethod -MethodName UpdateScanMethod
#REM wait 5 min
Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.WindowsStore

Wait some time between each command. It has received the store version = 22310.1401.8.0 after the repair, which then works.

Windows Server 2019 no longer loads updates

A reader has posted this comment on the German blog and writes that all Windows Server 2019 systems (approx. 30 of them) no longer want to load updates after the update installation and subsequent restart. The update search then fails with the error code 0x80244007. The error code 0x80244007 stands for WU_E_PT_SOAPCLIENT_SOAPFAULT. The SOAP client has detected an error and cannot check for updates due to a protocol error.

In the blog there is the German blog post Error 0x80244007 bei Windows 10 Clients und Windows Server 2016 nach WSUS-Umzug auf Windows Server 2016, where a workaround has been outlined – I don't know if this helps. For WSUS, Microsoft published this support article with further information in July 2023.

Windows 11 Explorer bug

It may be an isolated case. Reader acvolker writes in this German comment that Explorer is causing problems after installing the Windows 11 November 2023 update: after installing the November updates, I noticed that File Explorer no longer works the way it used to. If I rename a file with F2 and then confirm with the Enter key, the focus is "somewhere", but no longer on the file list, e.g. to rename the next file with the cursor down. This then requires a mouse click to set the focus correctly. Can anyone reproduce this behavior? There is no feedback on the blog yet.

More issues?

There is a single comment where a kernel error 0xc0000409 from wuaclt.exe in Windows 10 22H2 was triggered by update KB5032189. Looks like an isolated case to me.

Another user reports internet problems in this comment after installing the Windows 10 22H2 update KB5032189. Some pages can no longer be loaded, programs cannot access the servers because there is supposedly no internet connection. Outlook can no longer send and receive emails. No other reader has reported similar observations there either. The comment here could go in the same direction, because it asks about problems with SMB shares. Some shares are no longer visible in the Windows 10 environment after the update installation.

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2 Responses to Windows: November 2023 patchday issues

  1. Chris Pugson says:

    Never mind the quality, says Microsoft. Feel the features.

    Windows 11 will be the first MS OS that an enormous number of Home users cannot migrate to without major personal disruption. I hope that the EU is addressing this issue. MS is just a huge monopoly and thinks that it can do what it likes and get away with it. It is now abusing that monopoly.

    Where are hundreds of millions of redundant systems to be dumped?

  2. Michael says:

    The Windows Store issue also appeared on freshly built Windows 10 22H2 installations (using both older and current ISO images from Microsoft). Had this happen while I was testing a recent installation procedure.

    In those instances even the main Store page doesn't display. The issue seems to resolve itself if you leave Windows running and the Store application open after a few hours.

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